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WTTL Funtage [Battlefield 4]

I totally didn't come up with a good name for this video...

Nothing much comes to mind when wanting to comment on this video. It was very fun to make, it was even funnier getting through all those hours of recorded gameplay. I rushed the end a little bit, but just because i had been working for a week on the video already and and wanted to show it off :D Thanks guys and



WTTL Quest - Phantom Program [Battlefield 4]

Hello my buddies, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gaaaaaals

What's up mates, todays entry to my logfiles is dedicated to the Phantom Program of Battlefield 4. Since even before the release of the game, DICE has been giving us hints about some awesome Easter-eggs scattered through all of the Battlefield maps. These are by no means normal Easter-eggs as we saw in Battlefield 3, this is advanced Easter-egging, they even made a series of Assignments that form part of the so called Phantom Program. Every new DLC pack that git released came with its own Phantom Assingment, which has to be unlocked with a password that can only be found out by interpreting correctly different Easter-eggs of the game.

One year has past and the last Achievement got unveiled with the release of Final Stand which, upon completion, awards you with the Phantom Bow. One of my favourite youtubers JackFrags has been hunting these Easter-eggs from the beginning, and yesterday finally discovered how to get to the P…

R.I.P. Wayne Static [Static-X]

To the question about how he met his wife Tera Wray:

"Tera was modelling for Hustler on Ozzfest 2007. She brought me my shot on stage and told the audience she masturbates to me every day."

Sad times for all fans of Static-X. Wayne Static (†48) was found dead in his bedroom last Saturday morning. Not much details have been revealed, but he appears to have died in his sleep. The whole metal scene is making tributes and leaving the best of wishes to his family

Wayne with his band Static-X were pioneers of the so called Industrial Metal in the early 2000's. They called my attention back in the day when I was starting to listen Metal, they were one of my first favourites with bands like Disturbed or Coal Chamber. I haven't stopped listening to them since I first heard Wisconsin Death Trip... damn that song is awesome.

He was about to play tomorrow in Denver with Powerman 5000, another band I've been listening for ages. I hope they make a worthy live tribute on stage.…

Super Street Fighter IV

Nuckle sup everybody!

I was just going through my videos folder and sumbled upom some footage of Marsu and i having a bestf of  5 round. This was before shadowplay, i am happy to have something left from the days our fingers burned of so many hours raping our controllers. I remember that we didnt know how to do the ultra combos for like 3 weeks, until one of us suddenly achieved it. The tutorials were shit so we had to find out by ourselfs :D.

After learning it we managed to do the combo nearly every round, and this is how it looked like:

Maybe some day we get bored enough again and maybe play a few rounds, for the old times :)
Cheers Marsu

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review

... I ... I accept it.

Pumpkin sup mates! Today I want to talk about the recently released Borderlands 1.5. Borderlands the Pre-Sequel (BLPS), as the name states, tells the story between Borderlands and Borderlands 2, mostly explaining how Jack ended up becoming Handsome Jack, the evil Hyperion mastermind. The game is set up on Pandora's moon, Elpis, and the huge Hyperion moon base Helios.

Once again we have the choice between four new vault hunters; Athena the Gladiator, Wilhelm the Enforcer, Nisha the Lawbringer and Clap-Trap the Frag-Trap. Each one of them has a unique special skill that have nearly nothing in common with the previous 2 Borderland games, like Athena having a bullet absorbing shield which when charged can be thrown in a Captain America fashion or Wilhelm using his drones to give cover and support to the group.

Now to the actual review. If you expected the same huge improvements delivered by Borderlands 2 over Borderlands...WRONG. Let me explain.

Yesterday Stealt…

CTE Patch Rollout [Battlefield 4]


I came back yesterday from ze Germany after being there four day for a seminary about communication and conflict resolution. Not that i am having problems handling difficult situations, but it was very interesting to get a deeper understanding of how people act or react depending of how we say things.

Now i have been getting up to date about all the things i've missed this week and the most relevant news are of course, the release of the CTE Patches for Battlefield 4, which is rumored to be released on September the 30th. I already made a post about the CTE Servers last month, this one goes a little bit more into detail.

Over half a year later there are bout 25 CTE Patches ready to be deployed and implemented into the vanilla BF4. The patch notes for all the different CTE Patches are massive so i will not list them all here, but the following are the most relevant from my point of view.

Nearly every CTE Patch had some Netcode tweak. There will be less dying behind corners, p…

Developer Q&A Transcription [DayZ]

Potato sup!

Last Saturday the DayZ Devs had an nearly two hour long live stream where they played on the experimental branch and answered questions about all the stuff they are working on or want to implement in the future. Here's a transcription of the Q&A.

Complete list of Answers
The new renderer is not being worked on by everyone but it is being worked on by an individual. We could expect it sometime near Q1 2015.World Containers planned for end of October.Map Borders will not be expanded but an island is possible for the distant future.Sound will improve in the next 6 months.Goal is 100 player servers but won’t happen until server performance is better.Advanced Player tracking also based on server performance.Military items are to spawn with the dynamic events (heli crashes, police wrecks).Horticulture in testing with Bratislava team (soon to exp .50 maybe?).Several months away from advanced animal AI.Suicide will be implemented when there is spare time.Possible creation o…

WTTL Funny Moments 2 [Battlefield 4]

Now this is dedication!

Tomato sup! Once again i'm showing myself loyal to my readers. Since i posted the first funny moments video i've been getting a lot of feedback, and most of the people were asking, why is the video so short? Well, the answer is easy. I am very impatient and after so many hours i wanted to get it out already.

But my peoples weren't very pleased (and by peoples i mean you KingB00), so i woke up early this sunday and before even having breakfast, i made ANOTHER ONE! Get stuffed bitches.



WTTL Funny Moments [Battlefield 4]


It has taken me a little over three hours to make my first Battlefield 4 compilation video, nothing fancy but hey, i'm getting there. I've been hoarding different kinds of BF4 videos over the last months, from funny takes, sraw snipings, MLG moves and more, and i consider to make a video for every "category". For the moment, i hope this pleases my four blog readers.

As always, thank you guys for the awesome gaming sessions that make these shots possible.

Cheers mates,


The DayZ Bronicles Ep. 1

How can a picture be so badass? *shakes head in disbelieve* I'm sorry, hello and welcome to the first episode of The Dayz Bronicles, the series showing the documented adventures of the guy in the picture above, Stealthkilla, and me.
We got into Dayz Standalone once more, since we heard that soon a patch will be released and we wanted to be prepared for it. More and more this game is becoming that survival game we always wished for. You may know that the Mod is an absolute Deathmatch right now, and the early access of DayZ SA landed in the same bucket. Well not anymore. I am not going into the details why, but i'll be showing what we go through day after day in the Apocallypse.
And so we came back a few days ago...

We picked it up where we left it over a month ago. We had some pretty acceptable gear at that point, both wielding an SKS after looting the NW Airfield. We didnt remember where we were so we decided to walk North.

Maybe not the best idea, relatively soon we noticed …

Tank Superiority [Battlefield 4]

"Bhoi" - KingB00

Thats it, thats how i introduce myself today. I've kept working on Sony Vegas and tried to work on a few ideas i would like to implement in further videos, just simple stuff like camera pannings and slow motion. For that i used a relatively old footage of Stealthkilla and me ripping the Battlefield apart with tanks which ended in a pretty nice score :)

Soon i'll start compiling all the funny moments in Battlefield i've been gathering for the last few months, but first there will be a post about DayZ Standalone. Stay frosty!

Zombie Mod [Battlefield 3]


So. I am on vacation right now and finally got myself together and started to work on Sony Vegas Pro 13 in order to get some BF4 compilations uploaded to youtube. Now, since i've forgot everything i knew on Sony Vegas i had to start over, watching all the possible tutorials.

Before i start working on the BF4 compilation I want to test some stuff on other videos to learn, thats why i dug out this old Battlefield 3 Zombie Mod video from back when we all played together on our private server (Private Server *salutes*)

The rules are easy; The zombie starts alone with tons of HP and has to knife other players to infect them only using melee weapons. The other players have to try to survive and can only use their primary and secundary werapons, no explosive allowed. This is how it ends up looking:



CTE Update [Battlefield 4]

Good evening my little crazy ragdolls

As you all may know, the team at DICE L.A. is working very hard to finish the next game update for Battlefield 4, aiming at a release in September. Meanwhile, the whole team is continuing to utilize the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment to gather feedback and make various improvements to the game.

The current CTE initiative revolves around making the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 better throug testing of the different changes they may want to implement. This initiative has been in full swing for little over two months now, and they’ve made a lot tweaks and changes that we already got to play, as for example the huge "Netcode" improvements. I personally have been pointing out over and over some stuff that really bugs me of the game, like those thousand icons on your HUD for example.

Now, DICE just released the patch notes to this upcoming update, and after reading it i am amazed. This update will be a true gamechanger and …

BFG 9000

Elo my brathas and sistahs

Today I was about to get home with the downies and talk about the Rock Simulator 2014, which is actually in development right now. It is in the Top 15 of the most wanted games available for Greenlight on Steam. Yes, a game in which the daily life of an ordinary rock is emulated. You lay there, some times on grass, sand, concrete. Sometimes you can roll around or just watch it get wet in the rain. Goat Simulator was stupidly fun, but this is just plain retarded. At least it will be free to play, and they are developing it with the help of donations. And the most useless fact is, it will run on the Unreal Engine 4 that has been released in June 2014, so it runs on a state of the art Game Engine... a total waste.

These were the last words I'll be loosing about such a waste of everything. NOW! Lets get back on track. I want to talk about DOOM, former DOOM 4.
The guys from id Software showed a teaser trailer at E3 2014 in Los Angeles announcing the game revea…

Dragon's Teeth DLC [Battlefield 4]

Hello little fellas

Dragon's Teeth is out today!

So I'm pretty hyped about the new Battlefield 4 Add-On. I just had a glance at the release trailer of Dragon's Teeth and it really looks like its going to be more of an infantry based combat scenario, which I really missed so far.

I mean, really, the only infantry map we got so far (apart from Locker) was the remake of Operation Cluster Fuck, the worst infantry map you can imagine. I miss Grand Bazar so much, or Seine Crossing, or anything that hasn't 16 tanks and therefore only engineers on the field... Anyways here's the trailer:

You may have seen some vehicles in the trailer but I don't think there are going to be like 4 tanks for each team and such. Another thing that I think it's going to be pretty bananas is the Riot Shield, since I know we are going to try out some crazy shit with it. And by the way, it protects your back while not in use.
Will the Shield be overpowered? Is the new EOD Bot with 'na…

Schwiizer Nati!!

Today it ain't about gaming, like I give a damn. Stay and listen...

Look at your phone.Look at the bottom right hand of your computer. Look at the calender on the wall made up of pictures of hot half naked downhill racer chicks. You know what date was yesterday right? Of course you do. It was the 25th of June 2014, silly. Doesn't seem too significant at first, does it? But it is and it should be ringing bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock. Think about it for a minute there while the rest of us amuse ourselves with Chinese finger traps. Got it yet? Well? Seriously? Come on now. Ah here, this is embarrassing. Sure man, I'll just tell you. It's 36 years since the rainbow flag representing gay pride is flown for the first time... nahm that may be important to you but it's not what I am talking about here. It's also 17 years since Jacques Cousteau passed away leading to a Tsunami wave of Shark documentaries, not talking about that either. It's four yea…

Why u called Battlefield?

Wooohooo new Battlefield game, let's do this! [... 1 hour later...]

I... i... okay lets keep it together and make a review based on the facts. Facts like THIS AINT NO FUCKING BATTLEFIELD. C'mon, those who read this know i dont bitch about games without knowing the bakgrounds. Let's get a little feeling of what this is about.

Battlefield Hardline is being developed by the Visceral Games team. They are mostly known for making the Dead Space series. Aside of that, they made 2 Lord of the Rings games (the crappy Hack and Slash ones, not the awesome RTS LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth), a few old James Bond games, Dantes Inferno and Army of Two 3. There are a few games in their list that are halfway okay (only Dead Space was truly awesome) and only half of them are shooters. So you may ask, why did they get chosen by EA to make Battlefield Hardline? Because they made the BF3: Endgame DLC. Thats all.

I'm not really sure if they have chosen the right team to develop the new BF …