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Concerned Citizen

The Half-Life and death of Gordon Frohman
Welcome. Welcome to City 17...

Today I wanted to talk a little about one of the greatest comics I've ever read and how I made hard copy of it using one of those holiday album websites. Back in the day I completely fell in love with Half-Life 2, the story, the graphics, facial animation, the PHYSICS. Everything was and still is amazing. Half-Life 2 Deathmatch was my daily bread back in the days, co-founded the E=mc² Clan with a frenchie called Cynyx, getting together an amazing group of people from all around Europe and made many Maps on the Source Engine. This comic is one of those things that made me enjoy those times around Half-Life 2 even more.

Portal Knights

You block-ed the path to a successful greeting.

Yes, I'm funny. Today I would like to talk about this years Steam Summer Sale that, surprisingly, didn't leave me bankrupt and eating dry bread under a bridge. This year I bought exactly one game, only one, and that game was Portal Knights which was 33% off. In the past I wanted to go back to Minecraft many times, but I didn't want to play it alone and my friends never felt like going back to play it, until I showed Portal Knights to my man Marsu. He bought it too, we played it, he fucked the game up and we played some more, let me tell you more about it.