WTTL Quest - Phantom Program [Battlefield 4]

Hello my buddies, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gaaaaaals

What's up mates, todays entry to my logfiles is dedicated to the Phantom Program of Battlefield 4. Since even before the release of the game, DICE has been giving us hints about some awesome Easter-eggs scattered through all of the Battlefield maps. These are by no means normal Easter-eggs as we saw in Battlefield 3, this is advanced Easter-egging, they even made a series of Assignments that form part of the so called Phantom Program. Every new DLC pack that git released came with its own Phantom Assingment, which has to be unlocked with a password that can only be found out by interpreting correctly different Easter-eggs of the game.

One year has past and the last Achievement got unveiled with the release of Final Stand which, upon completion, awards you with the Phantom Bow. One of my favourite youtubers JackFrags has been hunting these Easter-eggs from the beginning, and yesterday finally discovered how to get to the Phantom Bow.

The Phantom Bow is in a room hundreds of meters below the ground, only accessible through an elevator without power and a password to disable the force field.

WTTL has a new Quest!

The whole Phantom Program consists of four Phantom assignments, each being part of one of the DLCs released to date (Second Assault not included). I don't want to go into extreme detail on how each Assignment has been discovered, I want this to be more like an in depth tutorial on how to complete every assignment and get the Phantom Bow. Lets get right to it.

The Phantom Prospect is the first assignment to complete. The only thing you may see is a checkbox with an interrogation mark next to it, you have to unlock it first.

If you click on the Leaderboards menu item and scroll to the bottom of the page, you'll notice a skull on the left hand side. Click this skull to display several lines of fake code that ends up asking you to enter a pass code. Making sure to use all lower case letters, type bumpinthenight and press enter. If the pass code is accepted, you'll be granted access to the Phantom Program.

This one is pretty easy to complete, unlocking the Dog Tag is just a matter of a few hours of dedication. The Easter-egg hunters found out about the correct password through braille signs imprinted on little Chinese statues found on the China Rising maps.

Phantom Trainee is the next assignment, the only requirement to unlock is that you have the Phantom Prospect assignment completed. Now you can open the fake code window again (leaderboards tab, little skull on the bottom left) and type in the new password epic dream worlds.

So you know that DICE isn't joking around, this is how players found out the first word of that password. The word epic was hidden on a Spectrogram of an audio file of a website found from a name tag on a locker door of one of the Naval Strike maps. They found this without any hints from the developers. I am very impressed by this:

That's all there is to it, except for the 200 kills with pistols (that take very long to get if you don't play on pistol only servers), 20 kills in a jet and two shotgun ribbons in a single round. Well, what are you waiting for? Go unlock that Phantom camouflage.

"Some people don't like Easter eggs. They feel the developers at DICE should spend their time wisely instead of programming gigantic, pre-historic sharks into a first-person shooter like Battlefield 4. Those people are crazy and shouldn't be listened to." - Prima Games

The third assignment is the Phantom Initiate, which again requires you to have the first two completed before unlocking this one. After opening the fake code window again, you'll be prompted to enter a password, which is 24344241893.

To decrypt this password pure unadulterated mathematics were needed. Scattered around the maps of Dragons Teeth, you can find eight I Ching pictograms which can be used to calculate the passcode. Now the reverse engineering of this Easter-egg is so amazing I am going to leave the exact explanation from JackFrags here instead of explaining it myself (first 4min):

After unlocking the assignment get ready for a few rounds of road killing :) As you can see I still need 17. Up to this point it was all fun and games, but the developers still took it up a notch.

Now the last one, the Phantom Operative. This one gets you the Phantom Bow.

This picture isn't from my Battlelog, you can unlock the assignment in the underground Phantom room.
The Easter-egg hunters have been searching night and day for the last week to find out how to get the Phantom Bow. JackFrags with help of countless other players on Reddit finally got through. Again before you start doing this, you have to unlock and complete the other three assignments, you'll see why in a moment.

When you try to enter a password in the fake code window it will say "Phase 4 now active. Physical access restriction in place". Here is where it gets interesting. It just so happens a few players have found the Phantom Room, located at the A Flag on Hangar 21 using the free movement camera on an unranked server. The room is reached via elevator, and when players arrive they must enter a code to remove a physical barrier that blocks access to the room.

Now lets go step by step through the requirements to activate the elevator that takes you to the Phantom room. First, and this is self-explanatory, you need to be a Premium member of Battlefield.

Then you need to:
  1. Complete the Phantom Prospect assignment
  2. Complete the Phantom Initiate assignment
  3. Complete the Phantom Operative assignment
  4. Equip the Phantom Program Dog Tag (unlocked with Prospect)
  5. Equip the Phantom Camo on your weapons (unlocked with Initiate)
  6. Equip the Phantom Camo for your player (unlocked with Operative)
So that nobody misses out on the Easter-egg hunt, here comes requirement #7. The elevator on Hangar 21 that takes you to the Phantom room, is powered off and the only way to activate it is by four people wearing a different Final Stand Premium Dog Tag entering the elevator. These can't be unlocked, but are hidden all over the new four Final Stand maps, encased in little white boxes which you have to slash open with your knife. Here are the locations where the boxes have been found so far:

You don't have to be in the same team, but it is important to have all the dog tags in your team and wear the phantom camos

After you met all the requirements you can now use the elevator behind the A flag on Hangar 21. If you don't equip everything as listed above you will die during a security check inside the elevator.

Once inside the not-so-secret anymore Phantom underground base, your path to the bow is blocked by a force field which requires a passcode for it to be disabled. Now on each Final Stand map there is a hidden device broadcasting russian Morse code, they decrypted it and found out that the Code you have to enter on a panel next to the force field is 1290-429-397648-970.

After reaching the room and unlocking the Phantom Bow you can check on top of a cabin on the right side of the room, you'll find some documents that will unlock the Phantom Operative assignment.

At this point you could start speculating about an upcoming secret DLC from the different broadcasts found on Final Stand (explanation in the video above), but I am personally going to leave that for JackFrags and the huge community of Easter bunnies. At this point I'd like to thank everybody involved in the search for answers around all the different Easter-eggs the developers have been planting on every map of Battlefield 4, and to DICE of course, for making everything around BF4 so much more interesting. And I think the Megalodon is still pretty damn difficult to outdo.
I hope you liked how I tried to explain everything in detail without making it overcomplicated (it has taken me some time to write and gather all the resources for it) and I still think this is a very interesting subject for someone that plays the game on a daily basis. Next things I need are some sweet road kills so, see you on the Battlefield!


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