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7 Days to Die

Good evening Madam
Screamer: SKREEEEEEE!!
Quite so, quite so... *Starts running hysterically*

We picked it up again. Back in 2013, in the middle of our DayZ craze, Stealth and I were trying out some of the different new zombie survival games that were popping up through the Steam Early Access Program, one of them was 7 Days to Die.  Also another seemingly good choice was The Dead Linger, with its 360 km2 map (compared to the 225 km2 of DayZ), but the pre-Alpha had nothing more to offer than flat landscape, a few buildings and some utterly retarded zombie IA. Glad we didn't invest more than 5 bucks in that game, because it got shelved in 2015 any ways. 7 Days to Die on the other hand had something appealing to me with it's sandbox base building survival thingy going on. "DayZ with Minecraft elements in it?" - I was thinking - "Gotta try that out".