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BFG 9000

Elo my brathas and sistahs

Today I was about to get home with the downies and talk about the Rock Simulator 2014, which is actually in development right now. It is in the Top 15 of the most wanted games available for Greenlight on Steam. Yes, a game in which the daily life of an ordinary rock is emulated. You lay there, some times on grass, sand, concrete. Sometimes you can roll around or just watch it get wet in the rain. Goat Simulator was stupidly fun, but this is just plain retarded. At least it will be free to play, and they are developing it with the help of donations. And the most useless fact is, it will run on the Unreal Engine 4 that has been released in June 2014, so it runs on a state of the art Game Engine... a total waste.

These were the last words I'll be loosing about such a waste of everything. NOW! Lets get back on track. I want to talk about DOOM, former DOOM 4.
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Dragon's Teeth DLC [Battlefield 4]

Hello little fellas

Dragon's Teeth is out today!

So I'm pretty hyped about the new Battlefield 4 Add-On. I just had a glance at the release trailer of Dragon's Teeth and it really looks like its going to be more of an infantry based combat scenario, which I really missed so far.

I mean, really, the only infantry map we got so far (apart from Locker) was the remake of Operation Cluster Fuck, the worst infantry map you can imagine. I miss Grand Bazar so much, or Seine Crossing, or anything that hasn't 16 tanks and therefore only engineers on the field... Anyways here's the trailer:

You may have seen some vehicles in the trailer but I don't think there are going to be like 4 tanks for each team and such. Another thing that I think it's going to be pretty bananas is the Riot Shield, since I know we are going to try out some crazy shit with it. And by the way, it protects your back while not in use.
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