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The DayZ Bronicles Ep. 2

I'm damp, I feel cold... and my neck hurts, which makes my current head ache even worse. Why do I feel like this? I just woke up but, it is dark. Where am I? The soothing sound of surging waves hitting the beach, this salty smell in the air, it feels familiar. Have I been here before? What happened?

Strategy [Rocket League]

What's an updog?

I am close to clock my 250th hour playing this game. It is still amazing, and I am still learning. Back in mid August I reviewed this game based on my experience after playing it for only two weeks, which was enough to get a basic understanding of what you can do in the game and how it works.

Today I'm playing on a Gold II level on Ranked, where this game stops being just cars bumping into a giant metal ball. Behind its goofy appearance this game has some very dense strategic elements that give you a never ending desire to improve and keep climbing upwards on the skill ladder.

Here I would like to give you a basic understanding on the strategy and tactics universally used by above average Rocket League players.