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Today I was about to get home with the downies and talk about the Rock Simulator 2014, which is actually in development right now. It is in the Top 15 of the most wanted games available for Greenlight on Steam. Yes, a game in which the daily life of an ordinary rock is emulated. You lay there, some times on grass, sand, concrete. Sometimes you can roll around or just watch it get wet in the rain. Goat Simulator was stupidly fun, but this is just plain retarded. At least it will be free to play, and they are developing it with the help of donations. And the most useless fact is, it will run on the Unreal Engine 4 that has been released in June 2014, so it runs on a state of the art Game Engine... a total waste.

These were the last words I'll be loosing about such a waste of everything. NOW! Lets get back on track. I want to talk about DOOM, former DOOM 4.
The guys from id Software showed a teaser trailer at E3 2014 in Los Angeles announcing the game reveal for QuakeCon 2014, which happened two days ago. This awoke my interest in the game, since I had such a "great time" with DOOM 3 (I shat my pants in several occasions).

DOOM has been revealed only to the QuakeCon attendees so there isn't anything around the interwebs for me to show, BUT! There's a little something I'll be showing later in this post.
First I want to talk about that happened so far around the development of this game. For a time reference, DOOM 3 was released exactly 10 years ago (fuck I'm getting old) on August 3rd 2004. DOOM 3 features id Tech 4, a ground breaking game engine at the time. John Carmack, lead designer of the id Tech engine, hinted the development of DOOM 4 at the QuakeCon 2007 and confirmed it one year later. After a few years of development the game got scrapped in 2011 because of miserable feedback from the testers. We didn't hear much of it since then.

Now, I came across some "leaked" content regarding the development of DOOM. There are over 100 of those pictures cruising through the internet, and of course I found them all. It was already known that DOOM 4 would take place on earth instead of on mars. Although there will still be some Union Aerospace Corporation shit going on. If you check the teaser trailer, that huge ass demon is armed to the teeth with UAC weaponry and armour. Wait... the UAC never wanted the demons to invade mars or even earth, it was Dr. Malcolm Betruger's plan. He was the guy that was working on a teleportation device and managed to open a portal to hell. But he "died" at the end of DOOM 3, and reincarnated as a demonic dragon-like creature. Why does the demon of the trailer wear UAC gear? Was UAC trying to use or control demons for its own purposes? Did UAC try to create a monster to fight the demons and it went bananas? We will have to ask John Carmack.

John Carmack with his old baby on the screen, the id Tech 4 engine, and his new baby, the Oculus VR

OR NOT! Because in August 2013 he left id Software to work full time at Oculus VR. It may not be so good for the DOOM franchise or id software itself, but Oculus VR just got one of the best game engine programmers in the world. So maybe, MAYBE, if Facebook doesn't screw it completely up, we may get something usable in the future.

Back to the leaked imagery I got my hands on, there are some NPC models with texture, renderings of different environmental objects and some really cool final city shots. All look somehow like this:

Those demons seem like angry somehow
I wont post every picture because they are most probably fake. When asked, the guys from id Software clearly stated that all those pictures have nothing to do with any projects they were working on. Since they didn't say anything about the other renderings that got "leaked", this leads me to think that they are telling the truth, and that what you can see in the picture above is just a hoax with very well made artwork. Or maybe actual DOOM 4 artwork that got scrapped, whatever. There goes the imgur album of the NPC models:

The models are pretty rich in detail, sharp and high res textures. Each one of those characters shows its own personality through all those little thingies you see on the coat or backpack. Another thing you can see is they are not extremely well equipped like in Gears of War for example, you can obviously tell that they are survivors, they are having a damn tough time.

In the second album I have put together all the renderings I found so far. You can clearly see the amount of time that has been put into these:

id Software and Bethesda Softwork have stated that the new DOOM game will not keep the scary theme DOOM 3 had, but instead wants to be the action shooter DOOM 1 and 2 were.

This thought makes me worry...

You probably remember how the early DOOMs were, or how Quake IV was, mostly a shooter on rails. They were fun of course, I enjoyed them as well, I played through Q4 several times. But it isn't the same anymore, the gamers of today don't just want another shooter with a slightly different plot than all the other shooters. Like, DOOM 3 had that "something else" in it, the ability of playing with all the shadows, bringing more depth to the game with it and make it fun to play, not just run straight towards the enemies because that's the only logical way to go. They already scrapped the whole game back in 2011 because the game testers said it sucked (the "fake" image I posted above probably comes from the previous build of the game).

Anyways, I hope my fears don't come true and this ends up on being one hell of a game (hehe puns)

Now I want to play DOOM 3...




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