Schwiizer Nati!!

Today it ain't about gaming, like I give a damn. Stay and listen...

Look at your phone. Look at the bottom right hand of your computer. Look at the calender on the wall made up of pictures of hot half naked downhill racer chicks. You know what date was yesterday right? Of course you do. It was the 25th of June 2014, silly. Doesn't seem too significant at first, does it? But it is and it should be ringing bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock. Think about it for a minute there while the rest of us amuse ourselves with Chinese finger traps. Got it yet? Well? Seriously? Come on now. Ah here, this is embarrassing. Sure man, I'll just tell you. It's 36 years since the rainbow flag representing gay pride is flown for the first time... nahm that may be important to you but it's not what I am talking about here. It's also 17 years since Jacques Cousteau passed away leading to a Tsunami wave of Shark documentaries, not talking about that either. It's four years since Honduras put a stop sign in front of Switzerland's hopes of qualifying for the last 16 in the World Cup.

Not today son, Honduras is going to remember this face for a while.
We went to the field with a 5:2 humilliation against France on our back, now it is time for revenge. We couldn't go back and punch France in the face, so we had to find a way to blow shit up. Hey look! It's Honduras! It's like that other guy that also harrassed us at school last year, but now we have now friends. Faster, smaller and more muscular friends. Particularly the guy from Bayern Munich.

So the whole thing started, and the thing went on for a few minutes, and things happend.

The turf was cutting up already. Parts of it looked like the face of a teenager blighted with pimples.
Honduras was there to get past the knockout round? They also wanted a piece of the cake? Let me see... hmmm... oops sorry, Shaqiri just fucking nailed a shot from about 30m ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh this is something special, all right. Very special. Shaqiri gets the ball wide on the right. He holds off Garcia and cuts inside and despite the pressure of some more Honduran defenders (who failed to get tight to him) and the fact that he is moving away from the goal, he curls the ball into the top left corner of the net. The keeper stretched but got nowhere near it.

That was some MLG-Pro aiming right there
Roughly 30min later Bernardez makes a horrible error in the Honduran half – failing to cut out a Inler pass – and that gives Drmic some time and some space, wide on the left. After a touch or two he plays in Shaqiri, whose has made an intelligent supersonic run. Shaqiri, though on goal, takes his time and waits for Valladares to make a move before calmly slotting the ball past the keeper into the lower right corner of the net.

Shaqiri again for the 2:0 in perfect harmony with Drmic
Honduras look deflated now. It's hard to see a way back for them.

Honduras won't get any closer to scoring than this. They had held possession well (62% of ball posession during the whole match) before a delicate ball into the box split the Swiss defence and found the run of Bengtson. He rounded Benaglio and tapped the ball home but Rodriguez came to rescue for his goalkeeper and cleared the ball off the line.

Rodriguez our saviour, possitionet absolutely right to deflect that shot.
 The spray is brilliant isn't it?

Spraying the field as a dance.
Then it came. On the 71th minute Rodriguez lumped the ball long and over the top. Drmic, who had come short and ran into the space behind him, collected the ball on the edge of the area on the left. He stepped over the ball and left Bernardez looking foolish. Around that time, Shaqiri came steaming into the box and Drmic found him with a simple pass. From a few yards out, Shaqiri poked the ball into the bottom corner of the net.

Well this doesn't happen every day... i personally would be proud.
And that is that. Nothing more to report from here except that when Sepp came up on the big screen for like 2 seconds, he was greeted with thousands of boooooooooooooooos! It is all over in the Ecuador game as well. That has ended 0-0 and so there is joy for Switzerland. (Ecuador are the first South American team to go out.)

Now we are full of hope, even though our next game will be against Messi and the Argentinian Mobsters. All in all, props to every swiss player, specially Benaglio, Drmic and of course to Shaqiri. That's all from me.




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