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Last Saturday the DayZ Devs had an nearly two hour long live stream where they played on the experimental branch and answered questions about all the stuff they are working on or want to implement in the future. Here's a transcription of the Q&A.

Complete list of Answers
  • The new renderer is not being worked on by everyone but it is being worked on by an individual. We could expect it sometime near Q1 2015.
  • World Containers planned for end of October.
  • Map Borders will not be expanded but an island is possible for the distant future.
  • Sound will improve in the next 6 months.
  • Goal is 100 player servers but won’t happen until server performance is better.
  • Advanced Player tracking also based on server performance.
  • Military items are to spawn with the dynamic events (heli crashes, police wrecks).
  • Horticulture in testing with Bratislava team (soon to exp .50 maybe?).
  • Several months away from advanced animal AI.
  • Suicide will be implemented when there is spare time.
  • Possible creation of another pistol holster.
  • Advanced character creation most likely will not be pursued. If there is a desire from community after version 1.0 it might be possible.
  • Dynamic events will spawn out of range of network bubble.
  • Infections from zombies are still planned (but not THE zombie infection).
  • Chainsaw was completed a long time ago but there are items that need to be added to support its function, we will see it in beta.
The noise of this thing will probably be heard from miles away
  • Programming team will soontm be working on implementing injured animations and bayonet attacks.
  • Player base building won’t include towers, over two stories probably won’t be possible. Expect player bases to consist of barricades, construction lights, tents, and small player houses. (You won’t want people to find you base by creating giant structures).
  • At least one LMG is planned.
  • SVD is also planned.
  • Most high tier weapons will only spawn at dynamic events (like the M4 currently).
  • Police cars are part of the dynamic system but are not spawning currently.
  • Current dynamic system includes (Russian heli, NATO heli, Police car wreck, V3S wreck and more are coming).
  • You will be able to smoke cigarettes, maybe drugs (addiction/dependency will not be forced).
  • Cannibalism will likely be possible.
I am so sorry Stealth, I can see this coming.
  • Zombie behaviors are increased.
  • Brian Hicks will be modeled as a zombie and there will be more zombie models.
  • Can lock doors and safes but nothing is truly safe, players can bash open the doors and lock pick safes (“DayZ isn’t DayZ without permanent loss” – Brian Hicks).
  • New Player heads will come throughout early access.
  • Improving the damage system because right now items are either in the condition discovered or completely ruined.
  • Visual effects to aid in knowing whether you’re overheating or freezing to death.
  • VBS engine is not a possible copy and paste. They want rivers and snow to be possible but it’s currently unknown if it will be in game.
  • Putting improvised camo such as mud or grass on yourself is possible and fairly easy to do but it is not currently on any of their to do lists.
  • Smearing zombie guts on yourself will be discussed with the lead designers but the zeds in DayZ aren’t dead, they’re infected individuals.
  • Expanding existing controls, must make sense because DayZ isn’t a military simulator like the Arma series.
  • New UI and options when renderer is replaced, giving players more control over how the game looks.
  • Brighter colors like pink and more female friendly clothes are possible but need to look at number of players that would actually wear it.
  • Anything that takes the control away from the players will not be implemented. This goes for animated stealth kills such as choking a player out or slitting their throat. Players should and will have full control of their actions at all times, no preset animations that take away from that.
  • Improvised guillie suits are being modelled and the burlap wrap will be replaced. Pros and cons will be limiting having a backpack but the suit itself blends perfectly with the team.

  • Improvised traps including I.E.Ds will be craftable in the future.
  • Looting zombies has been internally discussed but the zombies appearance will not change if you take clothes from them and is an issue of immersion.
  • BI will support DayZ after release, meaning more content after full release (DLC has not been discussed and will not affect the ongoing updates after release).
  • Running up hills will be fixed and is being worked on currently.
  • Hackers and bug exploiters will be a tug of war with the dev team and anti-cheat. Holes will be found and patched up. The hacker teleporting is being addressed currently and the thunder dome bug is being fixed. They have a paid team that purchases the hacks as well as create their own so they can find weak spots before hackers do. This will help tighten up vulnerabilities before version 1.0 and hacking is relatively low compared to Arma 2. Every push to stable should knock a hack off of the scripters arsenal. Version 49 will destroy all infinite ammo as well as the thunderdome bug and the micros teleporting speed hack.

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