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Zombie Mod [Battlefield 3]


So. I am on vacation right now and finally got myself together and started to work on Sony Vegas Pro 13 in order to get some BF4 compilations uploaded to youtube. Now, since i've forgot everything i knew on Sony Vegas i had to start over, watching all the possible tutorials.

Before i start working on the BF4 compilation I want to test some stuff on other videos to learn, thats why i dug out this old Battlefield 3 Zombie Mod video from back when we all played together on our private server (Private Server *salutes*)

The rules are easy; The zombie starts alone with tons of HP and has to knife other players to infect them only using melee weapons. The other players have to try to survive and can only use their primary and secundary werapons, no explosive allowed. This is how it ends up looking:



CTE Update [Battlefield 4]

Good evening my little crazy ragdolls

As you all may know, the team at DICE L.A. is working very hard to finish the next game update for Battlefield 4, aiming at a release in September. Meanwhile, the whole team is continuing to utilize the Battlefield 4 Community Test Environment to gather feedback and make various improvements to the game.

The current CTE initiative revolves around making the core gameplay of Battlefield 4 better throug testing of the different changes they may want to implement. This initiative has been in full swing for little over two months now, and they’ve made a lot tweaks and changes that we already got to play, as for example the huge "Netcode" improvements. I personally have been pointing out over and over some stuff that really bugs me of the game, like those thousand icons on your HUD for example.

Now, DICE just released the patch notes to this upcoming update, and after reading it i am amazed. This update will be a true gamechanger and …