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The End

At the end of the experiment, you will be baked, and then there will be cake.
I feel equally sad for leaving and proud for the things created. It has been quite the long run but it's time to end it. I've entertained, helped and informed people through monthly contributions to the gaming community, and also helped myself to understand games and gamers while teaching myself some English along the way. This has been my greatest project ever and it was a blast.

It all began mid February of 2014. I thought about creating my own website many times but never really went through with it, until I found out about how easy it actually was when checking out Google's Blogger. The enthusiasm was quite palpable as I was writing my first entry on this blog:

Diary of gaming awesomeness? Holy shit I have so much time to waste on this!! LETS DO THIS!

At first I didn't really have structure or fixed idea about what I wanted to write, so for the first few months I just posted some short sto…