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CTE Patch Rollout [Battlefield 4]


I came back yesterday from ze Germany after being there four day for a seminary about communication and conflict resolution. Not that i am having problems handling difficult situations, but it was very interesting to get a deeper understanding of how people act or react depending of how we say things.

Now i have been getting up to date about all the things i've missed this week and the most relevant news are of course, the release of the CTE Patches for Battlefield 4, which is rumored to be released on September the 30th. I already made a post about the CTE Servers last month, this one goes a little bit more into detail.

Over half a year later there are bout 25 CTE Patches ready to be deployed and implemented into the vanilla BF4. The patch notes for all the different CTE Patches are massive so i will not list them all here, but the following are the most relevant from my point of view.

Nearly every CTE Patch had some Netcode tweak. There will be less dying behind corners, p…

Developer Q&A Transcription [DayZ]

Potato sup!

Last Saturday the DayZ Devs had an nearly two hour long live stream where they played on the experimental branch and answered questions about all the stuff they are working on or want to implement in the future. Here's a transcription of the Q&A.

Complete list of Answers
The new renderer is not being worked on by everyone but it is being worked on by an individual. We could expect it sometime near Q1 2015.World Containers planned for end of October.Map Borders will not be expanded but an island is possible for the distant future.Sound will improve in the next 6 months.Goal is 100 player servers but won’t happen until server performance is better.Advanced Player tracking also based on server performance.Military items are to spawn with the dynamic events (heli crashes, police wrecks).Horticulture in testing with Bratislava team (soon to exp .50 maybe?).Several months away from advanced animal AI.Suicide will be implemented when there is spare time.Possible creation o…

WTTL Funny Moments 2 [Battlefield 4]

Now this is dedication!

Tomato sup! Once again i'm showing myself loyal to my readers. Since i posted the first funny moments video i've been getting a lot of feedback, and most of the people were asking, why is the video so short? Well, the answer is easy. I am very impatient and after so many hours i wanted to get it out already.

But my peoples weren't very pleased (and by peoples i mean you KingB00), so i woke up early this sunday and before even having breakfast, i made ANOTHER ONE! Get stuffed bitches.



WTTL Funny Moments [Battlefield 4]


It has taken me a little over three hours to make my first Battlefield 4 compilation video, nothing fancy but hey, i'm getting there. I've been hoarding different kinds of BF4 videos over the last months, from funny takes, sraw snipings, MLG moves and more, and i consider to make a video for every "category". For the moment, i hope this pleases my four blog readers.

As always, thank you guys for the awesome gaming sessions that make these shots possible.

Cheers mates,


The DayZ Bronicles Ep. 1

How can a picture be so badass? *shakes head in disbelieve* I'm sorry, hello and welcome to the first episode of The Dayz Bronicles, the series showing the documented adventures of the guy in the picture above, Stealthkilla, and me.
We got into Dayz Standalone once more, since we heard that soon a patch will be released and we wanted to be prepared for it. More and more this game is becoming that survival game we always wished for. You may know that the Mod is an absolute Deathmatch right now, and the early access of DayZ SA landed in the same bucket. Well not anymore. I am not going into the details why, but i'll be showing what we go through day after day in the Apocallypse.
And so we came back a few days ago...

We picked it up where we left it over a month ago. We had some pretty acceptable gear at that point, both wielding an SKS after looting the NW Airfield. We didnt remember where we were so we decided to walk North.

Maybe not the best idea, relatively soon we noticed …

Tank Superiority [Battlefield 4]

"Bhoi" - KingB00

Thats it, thats how i introduce myself today. I've kept working on Sony Vegas and tried to work on a few ideas i would like to implement in further videos, just simple stuff like camera pannings and slow motion. For that i used a relatively old footage of Stealthkilla and me ripping the Battlefield apart with tanks which ended in a pretty nice score :)

Soon i'll start compiling all the funny moments in Battlefield i've been gathering for the last few months, but first there will be a post about DayZ Standalone. Stay frosty!