Timmy [GTAV]

Timmy: The borderland maniac who's actually a pretty chill dude.

Tymoteusz "Timmy" Shufflebottom is the son of a southern crack whore named Darleene Hoggreaser and his long deceased Scottish father Derek Shufflebottom, a once renowned sheep stylist. He grew up with his mother in downtown Los Santos and attended the L.S. Elementary school, where he dropped out at the age of 14 for repeatedly kneeing her teacher in the face. After a year in a correctional institution he landed in the same pot as his mother, and started doing heroin at the early age of 16. At the age of 19, seeing no future at all, he enlisted in the USMC to make some cash, get fed on a daily basis, and eventually recovering from his heroin addiction. After 3 years of deployment and another 2 training Afghani law enforcement and military, he came back to Los Santos...

Lots of things have changed for him since he returned to his home town, he has made some good buddies, tons of cash and built up a reputation, but mostly in a not so legal way. Let us put it this way, he is pretty good at running, I mean mostly driving away from things. A well outfitted garage is a must in this case, this isn't The Bourne Legacy, the metro doesn't work.

Even though he owns a Mercedes SLK and an Aston Martin Vanquish, he is most effective while riding his custom made Ducati 848.
He likes nature as much as the roaring sound of a powerful engine, so why not combine them?
It doesn't need to be on the asphalt or in the skies, everything that is fast and lets him pierce his aerodynamic head through the air is gladly welcome.
Always enjoying his time with his buddies, making sure they are unharmed and alive, you never know when you get tired of whatever you are doing and need pickup.
Or stay alive yourself if you happened to stumble upon a potentially injured panda.
He has always been a very curious guy, and he doesn't hesitate to explore new worlds. Having the right contacts allows him to get mostly any vehicle he desires.
Always oh the road with his crew, yet he doesn't always approve of their driving methods.
Though they may argue about Timmy's parking abilities...
...but lets face it, he enjoys the chaos.
When he is not on a killing spree or causing major mayhem, he has his ways around with women.
But his lifestyle is incompatible with romance, and he some times struggles to recognize that. Good thing he always has his wingman to remind him; Bros, before hoes.
Yet sometimes hoes are actually allowed, but only if we get so high that we even need a parachute.
He likes his lifestyle, it's not perfect, for some even despicable, but it's much better than the environment he grew in. He has all he needs; friends, cars, dope, boobs, and the occasional kick of a high octane heist to pump up his bank account.
Living with no morality at all, he will keep enjoying his time in Los Santos, how ever long that may be. Nobody knows what the future awaits, but lets hope it is not a lonely one. Keep fucking shit up.




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