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I remember those times [World of Warcraft]

This is what you find while you google yourself during work hours. I stumbled upon my old XFire account and went on a nostalgia trip. You know i love making screenshots of the games i play, its like making a foto album of your holidays or something. I took a look at the four pictures on my XFire profile and suddenly... I... i remember this, i remember playing it years ago when i had time and a pronounced lack of social needs. That was the time i played World of Warcraft. Thanks to Mitiyo i jumped onto the band wagon and made my first (of a later total of 5) little gnome. That was around summer 2007 and i played it hardcore between 2008 and 2010. My main characters were Khazu, a draenei healer paladin, and Equilibrium, a gnome tank. As i said before i love making screenshots but well, i may have tons of pictures of my times playing WoW, but i somehow managed to lose all pictures related to my raiding time. That made it even cooler to see my two main characters in two of those pictures…

LaserTag inside a freaking mountain!

What's up bitches!

Sunday the 11th May was the day we blew them away.

We were finally there. After a month of waiting the day came for some nice 3 hours of indoor-outdoor laser tag action. We were told this was a world premiere, nobody did ever do something like this before.

 Last sunday we were in Sargans, at the Gonzen iron mine. As seen in the next picture, the tunnel extends over 100km through the mountain, from 300m above sea level to over 1700 m.a.s.l.

We took one of the original miner trains to reach the gaming area that is located over 2km inside the mountain. We got a hand drawn map of the area and went on a 20min tour through the tunnels.

I personally expected dark and very cold corridors, good thing i was wrong. As the following pictures show, we had very good lightning conditions and it was only about 12°C. I was sweating buckets full with my hoodie on.

We split into two teams of ten people, yellow against red. Stealthkilla, KingB00 and myself were together in the …