The DayZ Bronicles Ep. 1

How can a picture be so badass? *shakes head in disbelieve* I'm sorry, hello and welcome to the first episode of The Dayz Bronicles, the series showing the documented adventures of the guy in the picture above, Stealthkilla, and me.

We got into Dayz Standalone once more, since we heard that soon a patch will be released and we wanted to be prepared for it. More and more this game is becoming that survival game we always wished for. You may know that the Mod is an absolute Deathmatch right now, and the early access of DayZ SA landed in the same bucket. Well not anymore. I am not going into the details why, but i'll be showing what we go through day after day in the Apocallypse.

And so we came back a few days ago...

We picked it up where we left it over a month ago. We had some pretty acceptable gear at that point, both wielding an SKS after looting the NW Airfield. We didnt remember where we were so we decided to walk North.

Maybe not the best idea, relatively soon we noticed there were no more threes... At this point we knew we were at the end of the map, but we had no idea where exactly on the map since we had no visual references, at all. Heading South was the only smart decission.

Soon enough we found ourselfs on the NW Airfield again, dancing with the zombies.

It was raining for a while already, we were all soaked so we went back into the forest to gather some dry wood to make a fire, get some warmth and dry our clothes off.

We cooked up some cans of beans and spaghetti and stayed there for a while. Even thogh leaving the full magazine near the fire isn't the best of ideas, nothing happend. It started to rain again pretty soon, so we rushed to the next covered location.

A nice little cottage in the middle of the forest, elevated and with only one entrance, we should be safe here. The chimney was clogged, so we had to make the fire on the ground.The windows were broken, so there was nearly no smoke in the room. We took shifts guarding, and spent the night there.

Early in the morning our clothes were dry and we were ready to head off, but the weather was still awful.

Wet again we had no other option than keep on going, we were running out of food.

Later on it cleared off and we managed to spot a deer and a wild boar, which we took down.

Pretty soon we noticed it would be difficult to skin these beasts without a knife, we tried the axes but they werent sharp enough. We went into the nearest village searching for some knifes, but hadn't any luck with it. Out of rage and with no reason at all, we began shooting at things, until...

That must have alerted some zombies, better keep going. Still on track we went South until we found a military camp with a huge medical center hidden in the forest.

We took what we needed, including medical supplies and a combat knife and kept going, hoping to find another wild animal. The gods listened to us.

We made a fire and cooked those fresh steaks. After so many old cans of food and strangely tasting vegetables, this was pure glory in our mouths. With our stomaches full we decided to check out Balota Airfield, which was only a short walk away from us.

Strangely enough, the military bases still had plenty of stuff laying around. All geared up we felt safe enough to go deep into Chernogorsk.

With the appartment blocks at arms reach, this was the last time it was heard of them. Were they ambushed by bandits? Or they maybe fell victim of food poisoning? We may never know...




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