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Nostalgia Trip [1989]

Everybody 25 or younger raise your hand!

Everybody in the office is now looking at you weirdly because you raised your hand for no reason and myself as well because may have never heard about what I am going to show today. I myself just turned 27 two weeks ago, and it made me look back on my humble beginnings in gaming. Funny thing is, it all started the same year I was born in, back in 1989...

February 1st is Change your Password Day

Access Granted. Welcome.

Today I want to go into a somehow foreign topic to this blog; Password Security. As everybody that read the title now knows, today is Change your Password Day and you would probably think I knew about this, well I didn't, first day I've ever heard of it. But no worries, as it looks like, the Change your Password Day is in its 4th year going and is aimed at all those lazy sons of biscuit eaters that use the same two passwords on every possible website, and I am guilty of that as well. Let us have a look into what everybody should do right now to secure their online accounts.