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R.I.P. Versions 2010 - 2014

About a year ago, i was so thrilled as i heard this song for the first time, i can go fucking nuts with it. Neither did i expect them to be this good, making such quality sound, nor that it would be over so soon.

"Everything has to come to an end, things change, people change and other
things come into play in life. All we want to say is we have had the
time of our life and been able to all we planed to do. For a little band
from a little town we couldent have expected all the support that has
come from our music. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts for
everything, anyone that came to a show, bought merch, posted our songs
and anyone that gave a couple minutes to take a listen. We' ll take all
these memories to our graves."
  -  V E R S I O N S


Battlefield 4 Naval Strike - Teaser Trailer

Hey whats up! I have to excuse myself for not posting anything here, mainly it is because i am moving to Dübendorf and i've spent the last two weeks buying furniture and building it together, since im getting everything new for the flat.

Thats also the reason why i haven't got any usable content to post here but i leave you with the Teaser Trailer for the upcoming expansion to Battlefield 4: Naval Strike.