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UWQHD Boner [Predator X34]

Hooooowdy Ho!

My gamer heart has been beating like a madman for the last week. Let me show you why.

At the end of October this year my favourite hardware reviewer released the following video:

The DayZ Bronicles Ep. 2

I'm damp, I feel cold... and my neck hurts, which makes my current head ache even worse. Why do I feel like this? I just woke up but, it is dark. Where am I? The soothing sound of surging waves hitting the beach, this salty smell in the air, it feels familiar. Have I been here before? What happened?

Strategy [Rocket League]

What's an updog?

I am close to clock my 250th hour playing this game. It is still amazing, and I am still learning. Back in mid August I reviewed this game based on my experience after playing it for only two weeks, which was enough to get a basic understanding of what you can do in the game and how it works.

Today I'm playing on a Gold II level on Ranked, where this game stops being just cars bumping into a giant metal ball. Behind its goofy appearance this game has some very dense strategic elements that give you a never ending desire to improve and keep climbing upwards on the skill ladder.

Here I would like to give you a basic understanding on the strategy and tactics universally used by above average Rocket League players.

Rocket League Cinema

This. This is probably the biggest thing that ever happened to me in my Internet days. My Rocket League video got featured on Rocket League Cinema, for the whole community to see :D

Rocket League Montage

The day has come, i finally finished it!

Hello y'all. For the last weeks i have tirelessly been working on a cute little montage of Rocket League. Since you guys know, I'm an amateur making this kind of videos, but I'm always having fun working on these projects. Craft and idea, gather footage, think how this and that should work and over think every decision a lot, correct that decision, give up, start again. It's an endless cycle, specially if you are somehow of a perfectionist. However, i tried my best, and after working hours and hours, i just uploaded the result to You Tube. Enjoy.

This is the first time i ever do the kind of effects i used in the introduction, and, to tell you the truth, I've probably spent +10h only with the first 60 seconds of this clip.

Thanks to King Boo, Marsu and Stealthkilla for the good times and see you later online.



EDIT: Holy cow, i never expected such great feedback for my video. It just reached a 1000 views on You…

Boop the snoot [Rocket League]

Hello, my name is DHR, and I'm an addict.

The first day of August I finally decided to buy that funky car soccer game I saw a while ago, got it for Stealth and Marsu and started playing. I thought yeah, it's probably a fun game for a few rounds now and then so, why not? Oh man was I wrong... I've played 40h in the last 2 weeks...

The thing about Pre-Orders and the Early Access Program

Rise and shine, my little dudes. Rise and shine.

Today I want to write a little about two things in the game industry that have been bugging me lately. More like making me angry, pretty darn mad actually. For the last years, two things have been increasingly affecting how games are being developed and marketed to gamers, who have no idea how bad this actually is for them. And doesn't matter how you look at it, at the end of the day, the consumer is the one getting fucked, and we are just allowing it. I am talking of course about Pre-Orders and Early Access Games. Let me get into more detail on their bullshit practices...

WTTL Experience [GTAV]

Well hellooou

Third post in a row about GTA 5, so i suppose it is pretty obvious that we still play it every other day, my already over 900 screenshots are also proof of that. As usual i've been recording the greatest moments of our play sessions with Shadow Play to later use them to make a video, but a few weeks ago i changed my mind. Why not make use of the amazing Rockstar Editor instead of using footage with the fixed in-game camera angles? It did sound like a good idea so a few weeks back i started to record with the GTA 5 Editor, edited the scenes using the different camera settings and exported the clips into Sony Vegas.

I'll admit that i haven't put very much effort in the Sony Vegas part of editing, mostly because i first had to work with the Rockstar Editor and later put in the same amount of work in Vegas. But still, i'm personally pretty happy with the results and i hope i've chosen the right song for the video. And by the way, this is my first upload i…

Timmy [GTAV]

Timmy: The borderland maniac who's actually a pretty chill dude. Tymoteusz "Timmy" Shufflebottom is the son of a southern crack whore named Darleene Hoggreaser and his long deceased Scottish father Derek Shufflebottom, a once renowned sheep stylist. He grew up with his mother in downtown Los Santos and attended the L.S. Elementary school, where he dropped out at the age of 14 for repeatedly kneeing her teacher in the face. After a year in a correctional institution he landed in the same pot as his mother, and started doing heroin at the early age of 16. At the age of 19, seeing no future at all, he enlisted in the USMC to make some cash, get fed on a daily basis, and eventually recovering from his heroin addiction. After 3 years of deployment and another 2 training Afghani law enforcement and military, he came back to Los Santos...

Excuses [GTAV]


Ok ehmm.. i'm not going to lie, but i'm only doing this post because i didn't want to have a month without content in my history :D, so it is story time.

I have been playing GTA V every free minute for the last two weeks and i would like to make a best of video, if Sony Vegas could stop spazzing out everytime i click something, but if you do the math i just can't make a video while playing. Mostly i've been playing GTA Online with Stealthkilla and Titandioxid so there's not even a real story i can tell here, hmmm... well i could show the world what we actually do for all those hours. Yeah, that sounds about right, lets see.

Project 90 [FN P90]

Today, let us talk about that one weapon I have been admiring since it first made an appearance on TV in Stargate SG1, the FN P90. The ergonomics, the proprietary ammo and  it's looks makes it almost legendary. My appreciation for this gun doesn't come from what it can't, but from what it can do, so let me go more into detail.

Go Ugly Early [A-10 Thunderbolt]

I have finally found the strength to admit it.

I was 25 years old when I realized that I’m not really a man at heart, but rather a 5.8m long Gatling gun strapped onto an 11 ton airframe. All my life has been a lie but I’m setting that right today. I was designed to kill Soviet tanks. From now on, call me “Warthog”. That’s my real name. I’m having plastic surgeons attach a GAU-8 Avenger 30 millimeter rotary cannon, 540Kg of titanium armor, and two General Electric TF34-GE-100 turbofan engines to my body. Sgt. Major Fairchild said I’m fucking stupid and I can’t be a jet, but I’m beautiful and I AM a goddamn jet. I present to you, the Ugly Early:

Spintires Semi-Review [CH]

Sali zäme

Nach langem "ja es reitzt mi eigentli scho aber es choschtet immerna 30€" het mer de Stealth das game entli ghollt ♥ und mer hend's scho mal es wiili zockt. Wieso dass de Post ned uf englisch isch? Kein plan, so hets de Stealth welle :)

Battlefield 4 RANT!

I am SO angry right now.

In three words: Battlefield is FRUSTRATING. Yes, it is. I have no chance on growing any hair on my head as long as i play this game. Every time i play this game alone i get this deep urge of tearing down a wall, that's how angry i get. The frustrating part comes when you realize there is fucking nothing you can do about all the Problems this game has, from the netcode, the gameplay mechanics, to the maps and the players, nothing. Sure they are making improvements and started the amazing CTE Program (I'm not being sarcastic here, it's awesome) but god damn it, its doesn't matter how good you can mold and sculpt a pile of shit, IT STAYS A MASSIVE PILE OF SHIT.