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Schwiizer Nati!!

Today it ain't about gaming, like I give a damn. Stay and listen...

Look at your phone.Look at the bottom right hand of your computer. Look at the calender on the wall made up of pictures of hot half naked downhill racer chicks. You know what date was yesterday right? Of course you do. It was the 25th of June 2014, silly. Doesn't seem too significant at first, does it? But it is and it should be ringing bells like Sunday at twelve o'clock. Think about it for a minute there while the rest of us amuse ourselves with Chinese finger traps. Got it yet? Well? Seriously? Come on now. Ah here, this is embarrassing. Sure man, I'll just tell you. It's 36 years since the rainbow flag representing gay pride is flown for the first time... nahm that may be important to you but it's not what I am talking about here. It's also 17 years since Jacques Cousteau passed away leading to a Tsunami wave of Shark documentaries, not talking about that either. It's four yea…

Why u called Battlefield?

Wooohooo new Battlefield game, let's do this! [... 1 hour later...]

I... i... okay lets keep it together and make a review based on the facts. Facts like THIS AINT NO FUCKING BATTLEFIELD. C'mon, those who read this know i dont bitch about games without knowing the bakgrounds. Let's get a little feeling of what this is about.

Battlefield Hardline is being developed by the Visceral Games team. They are mostly known for making the Dead Space series. Aside of that, they made 2 Lord of the Rings games (the crappy Hack and Slash ones, not the awesome RTS LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth), a few old James Bond games, Dantes Inferno and Army of Two 3. There are a few games in their list that are halfway okay (only Dead Space was truly awesome) and only half of them are shooters. So you may ask, why did they get chosen by EA to make Battlefield Hardline? Because they made the BF3: Endgame DLC. Thats all.

I'm not really sure if they have chosen the right team to develop the new BF …

Battlefield Hardline

There goes another "What to do while downloading" post.

Meep meep! Im downloading Battlefield Hardline Beta right now in order to give it a kicking in a few minutes from now.

I am kind of overwhelmed with all this BFH stuff that is comming out. I mean, not more than 15 days ago it got leaked because somebody found BFH related files in the Battlelog installation. Not even half a day after the leak, EA and DICE confirmed the existence of a new Battlefield game and a few hours later there was a teaser trailer already online... say what?

The official statement from EA was that they "had it all ready for E3 but we screwed it up". Yeah, you just left candy on the park bench by accident, and stalked the kids grabing it while sitting in your dirty van by accident. And now you are calling them to your van for more candy.... by accident...

WELL IT FUCKING WORKED OKAY? I wouldnt be downloading it otherwise, wouldn't i?

I've seen some live streaming of LevelCap with Ma…

In Flames in Zürich


So i just got wind about In Flames coming to Switzerland on the 3rd of October this year. Took a picture of the add in the papers, sent it to Stealth and Boo, no reaction at all. So fuck it, first row for me and rocking the shit out of the concert, because i got a ticket woohooo!!

Taking place in the Komplex 457 in Zürich, the will showcase their new album "Siren Charms" which doesn't come out until 3 weeks before the concert. I cant wait to hear in which direction their path takes after 25 years active.

Nothing much to add, i leave you here with one of my favourite songs from the album "Come Clarity" from 2006 which stayed on top of the charts in Sweden for no more that 13 weeks.

Why 240p you ask? Because it must be contained you fools! \o/ Cheers DHR_000x