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DayZ Review

by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw

I'll review a fucking zombie mod, a zombie mod for ARMA 2 called DayZ specifically. A fanmade conversion, if that name didn't make it obvious, because a professional mod would have run the name by a marketing department, then the marketing department would have punched him in the stomach, but DayZrecently clocked one and a half million players apparently so what the fuck do I know about marketing?

I had to install ARMA 2 first, which I never had much interest in because it's one of those games I classify as dad games, incredibly dry, boring, frothily realistic games for your dad to remind him of the days when he actually had a job. All I can say about the engine is that the realism commitment makes it lurchy as fuck. Every time you start moving, it's like your character has a tumble dryer strapped to their head.

Anyway, someone proposed a zombie mod for it, not unusual for a realistic shooter but uniquely they actually went…

Diablo 3 Barbarian

Late in the dark night, some little Moli_8600 asked me how exactly you play Diablo 3 as i was playing with my Barbarian. I'll keep it short this time.

He is only level 26 but i bought him some legendaries from the auction house and went to wreck some demons. Heres a short clip for you Moe:


Much setup, so high-end, wow

Since i will be talking mostly about games on this blog, i think it would be appropriate to show what machine i am actually playing on. For the release of Battlefield 4 (25.10.2013) i decided to build the best tower PC i could get out of my budget.

CPU: Intel Core i7 4930K 3.4GHz LGA 2011 6C/12TMotherboard: Asus P9X79 WSRAM: G.Skill RipjawsZ 8x4GB DDR3-2133Graphics Card: ZOTAC nVidia GTX-780 3GB GDDR5Harddrive: Samsung SSD 840 256GB SATA-3Case: CoolerMaster Storm Stryker WhitePower Supply: Corsair AX860iCPU Cooler: Corsair H90 Hydro Series About peripherals, i am very close minded. If i find something i like it gets very hard for me to try a new product. For example i have been using the mighty Logitech MX518 mouse for years now, and i'm so in love with it that back in the days i bought 2 more just in case one breaks, i don't regret that decission. Same goes for the keyboard; i have been using the Microsoft Sidewinder X6 for six years now, and i still have a backup one …

AS Val Review [Battlefield 4]

Yeah, finally i got my hands on the new guns of Second Assault for Battlefield 4, including the AS Val, one of my favourites from BF3.

Let's start talking a little about what this gun really is. The AS Val is a Soviet designed assault rifle developed the late 1980s by TsNIITochMash and is mainly in use by the russian special forces, like for example the Spetsnaz. Able to be loaded with a 20 or a 30 round magazine, it uses heavy subsonic 9x39mm SP-6 (high-performance armor piercing) ammunition and has an effective range of 300 meters at 900 RPM. It is designed for close quarter encounters, thats why it also comes with an integrated suppressor.

Not to be confused with its sister-gun VSS Vintorez, the AS Val has furniture made of high impact polymer and a skeletonized steel stock which folds to the left.

In Battlefield 3 i used to like the AS Val very much. Its first round recoil was 0.0, so you were able to land quite a few shots before you started to feel the recoil of full auto…

Battlefield 4 Second Assault

The day has come!! Two months ago EA and Dice released Second Assault on the XBox 360 and said they would wait because they were working on fixing the NetCode. That didn't happen but... YAAAY!

Four remakes of the following BF3 Maps are now available:

Stealthkilla is already asking over and over if my download finished so... LETS GO!!


Master of evasion [Battlefield 4]

Short footage of Stealthkilla and I jerking around in Battlefield and this happens:

Sorry, i forgot to cut out the last piece of the video after i died.


Not pay to win at least

It's sunday morning and i have already checked everything new on Imgur, watched a few videos on youtube and smoked two cigarettes, but i haven't had breakfast yet. Meh...

Yesterday i played MechWarrior Online for quite a while and this is what i've seen so far. You start he game having four different Mechs at your disposal; A light one, middle, middle/heavy and a heavy mech. They range from fast moving but low damage to slow moving and heavy damage, the heavy is the one with the most armor aswell.

This "Trial" mechs are fully equiped which means you can actually deal some damage on the battlefield instead of being a level one noob that gets mowed over by all the other mechs. Seeing that i choose the light mech with 4 gatling guns and a laser and hop into a match.

So far there are two game modes, both with no repawn. You have a Team deathmatch and a Conquest deathmatch, and you can play them on around 10 different maps. Every map i've played so far looks total…

MechWarrior Online

Yeah, so i'm about to give this a shot. I just hope its not ruined with pay to win, sonce it's free to play.

In MechWarrior Online, players take the role of a "MechWarrior" who pilot large bipedal combat vehicles known as BattleMechs. You can customize their BattleMech with an array of weapons and equipment, and engage 12 versus 12 battles, the outcome of which earns the players experience and c-bills for future BattleMech purchases and customization. There are currently two game modes that involve protecting and attacking a single base (Assault), or capturing and holding several points (Conquest).

I never played any of the MechWarrior games before, but i got some good feedback from friends and i happened to hear that this is the most badass Mech there is:

The Atlas, i want it...

Second day reached woohoo!!

Dear diary, sup!

Gotta talk a bit about my all-time favourite game today. And without further delay, BAM!!

Day-fucking-Z ladies and gentleman. Without doubt the most awesome immersing game i've ever played. Not only has it nearly killed me a dozen times by a heartattack, it also got me close to a guy that i truly can talk about as a brother; Stealthkilla say hi!!

We have been playing DayZ for over a year, from vanilla, through Taviana over to basebuilding in Epoch and it just doesnt get old. That constant feel for scavenging and tension knowing there can be an other player around every corner is just, i dont know, you have to play it to understand me.

You can be scavenging around Taviana and setting up a little base
Or look for the guys that stole your truks and burn their base with jerrycans and explosives
Or follow some guys for over an hour and watch them repair and refuel their heli And give the pilot a headshot right as he tries to take off, they repaired and refueld the heli for…

Here i am, and im planning to stay

Okay okay, lets forget the pressure about making a perfect first post. After correcting that first sentence about three times lets start by introducing myself to this Blog and to myself, the only ones who will ever read this anyway.

I am DHR_000x, also known by my real name which i censor here and get called mostly when i happen to be outside fleeing from the sunlight or of course, at work. What do i do for a living you ask? Well guess... IT. I am an IT Manager for a medium sized business with about 150 people to support. Actually the word support would mean i solve IT problems and stuff, when for most of the time i just try to calm them down when they panic after seeing some cryptic and scary warning messages like "Acrobat reader needs to update" or "are you sure you want to delete this file?". I'm just exagerating, its not that bad... mostly.

I am 25 years old and in about 3 weeks i will be living alone for the first time in my own flat just 300m away from my b…