CTE Patch Rollout [Battlefield 4]


I came back yesterday from ze Germany after being there four day for a seminary about communication and conflict resolution. Not that i am having problems handling difficult situations, but it was very interesting to get a deeper understanding of how people act or react depending of how we say things.

Now i have been getting up to date about all the things i've missed this week and the most relevant news are of course, the release of the CTE Patches for Battlefield 4, which is rumored to be released on September the 30th. I already made a post about the CTE Servers last month, this one goes a little bit more into detail.

Over half a year later there are bout 25 CTE Patches ready to be deployed and implemented into the vanilla BF4. The patch notes for all the different CTE Patches are massive so i will not list them all here, but the following are the most relevant from my point of view.

  • Nearly every CTE Patch had some Netcode tweak. There will be less dying behind corners, priorization of player movement depending on how far away they are from you for an accurate display of the enemies position.
  • Visual recoil has been tweaked, reducing the movement of the red dot while shooting, this gets you a more realistic recoil. All RDS are getting new HQ textures.
  • Stats on nearly every gun has been tweaked to increase time to kill, resulting in less Insta-kills. Side to side recoil reduction on all weapons. After all this changes we will probrablibli have to relearn our favourite weapons.
  • The Player movements/animation/collision have been worked over and are much snappier now. There will be less delay betweend stands, like from laying to fully upright, and those weird glitches when standing right next to another player should be gone too. They also reduced head flinching animation significantly, so the enemy player wont bend over everytime they get shot.
  • Changes in the user interface like the triage system for dead players, that shows you how much time you got left for the revive, letting you know if you can charge your defibs or if you need to get a quick revive.
  • Full HUD customisation options, from icon transparency to minimap size, etc.
  • Round start times has been added to the beginning of every round to give equal chances to the players to get vehicles. (Damn it :D)
  • RGO Grenades are having their count reduced to 1 and are being nerfed in general, all the grenades including M320 and XM25 ammo will now take longer to resuply from ammoboxes. Flash of flashbangs will now last longer and also hide the HUD of the afected player.
  • "Visual hit clarity". Reducing the "false positives" when hitting players or vehicles, like when you see the blood spill from a player but you get no hit marker or you hit a heli with a tankshell and nothing happens.
  • Much time has been invested into clearing the battlefield from all these nasty invisible walls, so we could expect a great reduction of that weird bullet collision.
  • Improving the Rush gamemode has been a big focus for the devs and is seeing very big changes.
  • Reduced camera shake around explosions.
  • Jets will no longer get stuck in the skybox and will get a rear view camera.
  • AC-130 will now have a universal 60sec spawn cooldown so it won't spawn inmediatly even on fast vehicle spawn servers.
  • Visualisation of the supression has been made more clear.
  • They are bringing back Battlefield Classic mode into the game (no 3D spotting, no auto healing/repearing)
  • Increased volume of enemy footsteps (Counter-Strike players will apreciate this).
I didn't see any specifics about it, but i really hope the knive takedowns got improved, i hope they were netcode related.

They also increased the stability of the game a lot, for example by implementing changes the Devs of Battlefield Hardline found out about the Frostbite engine. This changes aren't by far all the changes Battlefield 4 will be undergoing, but they are probably the most interesting thing we will be seeing.

The more you know :D This is it, i just took a lasagna out of the oven so... i'm out.




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