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WTTL Quest - Phantom Program [Battlefield 4]

Hello my buddies, hello my baby, hello my ragtime gaaaaaals

What's up mates, todays entry to my logfiles is dedicated to the Phantom Program of Battlefield 4. Since even before the release of the game, DICE has been giving us hints about some awesome Easter-eggs scattered through all of the Battlefield maps. These are by no means normal Easter-eggs as we saw in Battlefield 3, this is advanced Easter-egging, they even made a series of Assignments that form part of the so called Phantom Program. Every new DLC pack that git released came with its own Phantom Assingment, which has to be unlocked with a password that can only be found out by interpreting correctly different Easter-eggs of the game.

One year has past and the last Achievement got unveiled with the release of Final Stand which, upon completion, awards you with the Phantom Bow. One of my favourite youtubers JackFrags has been hunting these Easter-eggs from the beginning, and yesterday finally discovered how to get to the P…

R.I.P. Wayne Static [Static-X]

To the question about how he met his wife Tera Wray:

"Tera was modelling for Hustler on Ozzfest 2007. She brought me my shot on stage and told the audience she masturbates to me every day."

Sad times for all fans of Static-X. Wayne Static (†48) was found dead in his bedroom last Saturday morning. Not much details have been revealed, but he appears to have died in his sleep. The whole metal scene is making tributes and leaving the best of wishes to his family

Wayne with his band Static-X were pioneers of the so called Industrial Metal in the early 2000's. They called my attention back in the day when I was starting to listen Metal, they were one of my first favourites with bands like Disturbed or Coal Chamber. I haven't stopped listening to them since I first heard Wisconsin Death Trip... damn that song is awesome.

He was about to play tomorrow in Denver with Powerman 5000, another band I've been listening for ages. I hope they make a worthy live tribute on stage.…

Super Street Fighter IV

Nuckle sup everybody!

I was just going through my videos folder and sumbled upom some footage of Marsu and i having a bestf of  5 round. This was before shadowplay, i am happy to have something left from the days our fingers burned of so many hours raping our controllers. I remember that we didnt know how to do the ultra combos for like 3 weeks, until one of us suddenly achieved it. The tutorials were shit so we had to find out by ourselfs :D.

After learning it we managed to do the combo nearly every round, and this is how it looked like:

Maybe some day we get bored enough again and maybe play a few rounds, for the old times :)
Cheers Marsu