Why u called Battlefield?

Wooohooo new Battlefield game, let's do this! [... 1 hour later...]

I... i... okay lets keep it together and make a review based on the facts. Facts like THIS AINT NO FUCKING BATTLEFIELD. C'mon, those who read this know i dont bitch about games without knowing the bakgrounds. Let's get a little feeling of what this is about.

"Ow dude, a penny!" - EA
Battlefield Hardline is being developed by the Visceral Games team. They are mostly known for making the Dead Space series. Aside of that, they made 2 Lord of the Rings games (the crappy Hack and Slash ones, not the awesome RTS LOTR: Battle for Middle-Earth), a few old James Bond games, Dantes Inferno and Army of Two 3. There are a few games in their list that are halfway okay (only Dead Space was truly awesome) and only half of them are shooters. So you may ask, why did they get chosen by EA to make Battlefield Hardline? Because they made the BF3: Endgame DLC. Thats all.

I'm not really sure if they have chosen the right team to develop the new BF but i have to say one thing, they really want the game to be good. They had dozens of Battlefield youtubers come over for two days for them to play the alpha realease of BFH. They all had hours and hours of gameplay and then sat together to discuss what changes need to be made. Even though the beta is only out for 4 days and 3 week ago we didn't even know about the existence of BFH, it seems that Visceral is really working hard on bringing out a good and working game.


Who is responsible for that?  Not much of a question is it?

"Excuse me, you served me the salad without dressing" - "Thats a DLC, that would be another 15$"
Yep, they tried hard with Medal of Honor. They tried even harder with Medal of Honor Warfighter. They failed and then failed even harder again. Now they are pretty pissed that they can't compete with Activisions "One COD a year" strategy so what should they do? Hmmm think think think, everytime we call a game Battlefield we sell milions so... DING! But wait, DICE didnt even finish the last game (side note: DICE was already working on BF4 before having released BF3), we need another Dev Team. Hey these guys have made a few 2 Player Co-Op shooters, they must be perfect for the job!

Anyways. This is how far we have come without having talked about the game itself yet. Well, i played enough for the past 2 day to have a general idea of what BFH is made of. Please note, it's still in closed beta: one map, two game modes. Lots of patchings comming, so every feature can still be changed.

So now, i will not write a huge ass text  with everything i've noticed, but there goes a list:

  • There's little to no supression in BFH, which i found to be okay since most of the fight  is CQC infantry based.
  • Guns have much higher recoil than in previous Battlefields, therefore it's also good having no supression.
  • You get a red hit marker on your crosshair when you do a headshot, pretty neat.
  • There's either a counterknife nor a front knifing animation, only when you stab from behind.
  • There's only one HE grenade type, and you can only carry one. Bye bye grenade spam!
  • You can lean out of vehicles and shoot, and do this pretty accurate as well.
Rumors say there will be a Pursuit mode later on in the game
  •  You can walk towards a Medic or a Supporter, press E and take ammo or a medikit from them. It only restores part of your health or one magazine for each gun you are carrying, but it is still better than jumping like an idiot in front of the other player until you get shot in the back...
  • Player models are still pretty simple and you can't really differenciate between the classes, what makes the above point a little useless.
  • There is a perk called Survivalist. It is a self reviving EpiPen you can use on yourself when you die, unless you died by an explosion, headshot or fall damage. THIS MUST DISSAPEAR FROM THE GAME.
  • If you melee an enemy with a non lethal weapon you can handcuff him and question him on the ground. After a bout 3 seconds (!) of questioning he will rat out all other teammates and you'll see everybody on the minimap for about 5 seconds. ANOTHER NO-GO! 
"Tell me where your mates are or i'll make you another breath hole!" - Forgets 5 seconds later...
  • They made new car collision models and made driving much more accurate. Yet, it feels like you drive on tracks. And where the hell is the handbrake!?
  • You can damage most of the vehicles with your primary guns, what actually makes a ton of sense. The scout heli compensates this by having a bulletproof wind shield. Perfect balance IMO.
  • Theres only minimal destruction. Windows and furniture break of course, but not even one damn wall. You can't even make debris kills like in BF3, where you could shoot a building and half of the facade would burry the enemies underneath. SHAME!
  • The levolution is pretty sick and really does change the course of the game. You actually feel that the map has been thought out for the different game modes.
The crane nearly rips that building apart until it hits the ground.
    • When the crane falls, which takes about 20 seconds, you have the most brutal screenshake all the way back to your main base. 
    • The texture detail is way to low for the potential that Frostbite has, waaaay to low.
    • Since it uses the same engine as Battlefield 4, it is able to implement the exact same changes that are being tested in the BF4 CTE servers. This will probably ensure a stable launch for BFH without all those nasty bugs BF4 had.
    If you made it all the way down here, CONGRATULATIONS!! Here have a sandwitch!

    "*Actual Size" hehehe... wait...WHY THE FUCK DO I ONLY HAVE 40 BULLETS IN MY P90 MAGAZINE!!!!

    I would like to add three random interesting things about BFH:
    • In the Police main base theres a table with a load of Donuts on it. You can walk towards it and use Q to spot the Donuts and your player will say "Delicious Donuts spotted" and "Fuck, those Donuts look amazing".

    • Visceral had to somehow feel inspired by Counter Strike. Now you don't unlock guns with EXP anymore, instead you get cash which allows you to go and buy the gun you want and keep it permanently. Now you dont need to have 30 hours played with the sniper to get the last unlockable gun, its your choice to buy whatever gun you want. GG there Visceral! And you can Spray your emblem everywhere too :)
    • The scout has a pretty fun decoy gadget tha shows non existent spotted targets on the enemies minimap :D
    Thats about it. I may be playing a few more rounds just for the fun of it. Naturally i haven't mentioned everything there is, just the most important aspects from my point of view. And I am still saying this aint no Battlefield. If they only would have called it Hardline, without BF in front of it,they may have avoided the inevitable comparision to the REAL BATTLEFIELD GAMES.

    That said, you will have no excuse for not trying it out. After official release, you are able to test the game for 48h and if you dont like it, Origin/EA will refound you 100% of the price. Cool feature after all...

    Okay i'll leave it here. I could go on for ever but it already has taken me 3h to this point. Thanks for reading :D

    Somehow i always loved you Battlefield 4, come back to me <3

    TL;DR As a die hard Battlefield fan, this didnt tickle my fancy, I'm going back to Battlefield 4. BF4 may still have problems but fuck this mate, thats a Battlefield, and not this Payday Counter-Strike thingy with cars. It is a fun game, but it AINT NO BATTLEFIELD.




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