Second day reached woohoo!!

Dear diary, sup!

Gotta talk a bit about my all-time favourite game today. And without further delay, BAM!!

Day-fucking-Z ladies and gentleman. Without doubt the most awesome immersing game i've ever played. Not only has it nearly killed me a dozen times by a heartattack, it also got me close to a guy that i truly can talk about as a brother; Stealthkilla say hi!!

We have been playing DayZ for over a year, from vanilla, through Taviana over to basebuilding in Epoch and it just doesnt get old. That constant feel for scavenging and tension knowing there can be an other player around every corner is just, i dont know, you have to play it to understand me.

You can be scavenging around Taviana and setting up a little base

Or look for the guys that stole your truks and burn their base with jerrycans and explosives

Or follow some guys for over an hour and watch them repair and refuel their heli
And give the pilot a headshot right as he tries to take off, they repaired and refueld the heli for us :)

Of course that not even close to all the things you can do in DayZ. This screenshots only show content from the vanilla mod, but there are lots of submods with other maps, guns and vehicles or a trading, crafting, building and quest system. For example DayZ Epoch:

Little lake house with crafting area on the left with the helipad at the bottom of it, and the house to the right with all the little storage huts. It took weeks to build, but so worth it.

I think thats about it. We were giving DayZ Standalone a shot but we are already fully geared up so theres nothing else to do, and no, sensless killing isnt part of what we expect from this game. We will be waiting for a major update to be released, maybe with cars and camping tents in it? One can only hope.




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