Here i am, and im planning to stay

Okay okay, lets forget the pressure about making a perfect first post. After correcting that first sentence about three times lets start by introducing myself to this Blog and to myself, the only ones who will ever read this anyway.

I am DHR_000x, also known by my real name which i censor here and get called mostly when i happen to be outside fleeing from the sunlight or of course, at work. What do i do for a living you ask? Well guess... IT. I am an IT Manager for a medium sized business with about 150 people to support. Actually the word support would mean i solve IT problems and stuff, when for most of the time i just try to calm them down when they panic after seeing some cryptic and scary warning messages like "Acrobat reader needs to update" or "are you sure you want to delete this file?". I'm just exagerating, its not that bad... mostly.

I am 25 years old and in about 3 weeks i will be living alone for the first time in my own flat just 300m away from my buddy Stealthkilla. I have no forniture so theres a lot of planning ahead of me, i will just have to think like i'm playing sims and everything should work out, sadly "MOTHERLODE" doesnt work in this case.

ABOUT THIS BLOG!!! Finally... Well, on one hand, i always wanted to have some kind of diary, without having to hate everyone around me like a preadolescent. On the other hand i love to make screenshots of the awesome moments my friends and i have whilst gaming so i thought, why not combine them? Diary of gaming awesomeness? Holy shit i have so much time to waste on this!! LETS DO THIS!

After a little nap of course...


  1. Funny to think that 2 years later I've reached 10.000 views on this blog :)

  2. Damn son, only 5 months later you tripled that amount! Happy 30k man :D

  3. 70k... I'm probably going to rebuild the blog before hitting the six figures :)


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