Not pay to win at least

It's sunday morning and i have already checked everything new on Imgur, watched a few videos on youtube and smoked two cigarettes, but i haven't had breakfast yet. Meh...

Yesterday i played MechWarrior Online for quite a while and this is what i've seen so far. You start he game having four different Mechs at your disposal; A light one, middle, middle/heavy and a heavy mech. They range from fast moving but low damage to slow moving and heavy damage, the heavy is the one with the most armor aswell.

This "Trial" mechs are fully equiped which means you can actually deal some damage on the battlefield instead of being a level one noob that gets mowed over by all the other mechs. Seeing that i choose the light mech with 4 gatling guns and a laser and hop into a match.

Booting up my mech at the beginning of the round
Only the Light Trial Mech has a jet pack, but you can install it even on the heavies that are 4 times bigger
View from the cockpit while being engaged by two other mechs
So far there are two game modes, both with no repawn. You have a Team deathmatch and a Conquest deathmatch, and you can play them on around 10 different maps. Every map i've played so far looks totally different from the others, for example a city, wasteland, the moon etc.

You can't see shit in that blizzard
"Check it out Stealthy, the lava looks so cool"
What do i think about the game? I really like that it isn't pay to win. You can buy every mech and upgrade with the ingame currency you earn by playing. There is also the "MC" tokens, which can be used as a shortcut to the more expensive mechs or for exclusive paintwork for them. You have not a better mech by paying, thats how it should be. As a side note, 3000 tokens cost $15, the most expensive thing (a mech) you can buy costs around 8000 tokens.

-The game looks very balanced, there are no OP mechs or attachments and every mech has his own purpose on the battlefield.
-Neat environments, every map looks very pretty, thanks to cryengine 1, and helps for smooth battles (very good performance even on mid range PCs).
-Lots of upgrades available for the mechs, from cooling systems to UAV drones to better engines.
-That badass multiplayer experience that warms every Mechwarrior fans heart.

-I'm personally only having fun with the middle class mechs, they are kind of the allrounders. The lights run very fast but lack at armor and damage, two hits at the wrong place and you are down. The heay mechs deal very high amounts of damage and have great armor, but are slow as hell so you are the number one target, always.
-In the Mechbay you can see all the stats of your mechs and/or armament, but you cant find anywhere an instruction of what means what. You just sit there asking yourself, if it costs the same and does the same damage, why is that cannon called AC-10 and this one AC-20? You have tu buy it to know what is the difference, and they aint cheap.
-Theres one rule, stick with your teammates. Walk towards the enemy and shoot, sometimes they die, sometimes you do. The fights can get very monotonous, this game is not for every one.

That sums it up. I had some moderate fun playing it but i think i'll give it a few more hours to see if i get the hang of it. But all in all, this game is absolutely not a waste of time!! Try it, its free!!




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