WTTL Experience [GTAV]

Well hellooou

Third post in a row about GTA 5, so i suppose it is pretty obvious that we still play it every other day, my already over 900 screenshots are also proof of that. As usual i've been recording the greatest moments of our play sessions with Shadow Play to later use them to make a video, but a few weeks ago i changed my mind. Why not make use of the amazing Rockstar Editor instead of using footage with the fixed in-game camera angles? It did sound like a good idea so a few weeks back i started to record with the GTA 5 Editor, edited the scenes using the different camera settings and exported the clips into Sony Vegas.

I'll admit that i haven't put very much effort in the Sony Vegas part of editing, mostly because i first had to work with the Rockstar Editor and later put in the same amount of work in Vegas. But still, i'm personally pretty happy with the results and i hope i've chosen the right song for the video. And by the way, this is my first upload in 60FPS so, without further to do, enjoy.




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