Battlefield 4 RANT!

I am SO angry right now.

In three words: Battlefield is FRUSTRATING. Yes, it is. I have no chance on growing any hair on my head as long as i play this game. Every time i play this game alone i get this deep urge of tearing down a wall, that's how angry i get. The frustrating part comes when you realize there is fucking nothing you can do about all the Problems this game has, from the netcode, the gameplay mechanics, to the maps and the players, nothing. Sure they are making improvements and started the amazing CTE Program (I'm not being sarcastic here, it's awesome) but god damn it, its doesn't matter how good you can mold and sculpt a pile of shit, IT STAYS A MASSIVE PILE OF SHIT.

Patrick Bach, Executive Producer of Battlefield 4

I'm not going on a rant on Patrick Bach now, just thought that this was a funny quote giving the circumstances. While checking his page on the DICE Official Website i noticed this: "For me, the most rewarding moments at work are when we truly break new ground, like I think we are doing with Battlefield 3". He's told so many lies about the Development of Battlefield 4 that he doesn't even mention it in his description!

Now, before I start listing the huge list of extremely annoying things this game has, i want to clarify something. I will still play this game every other day. Luckily I have the best imaginable mates to play this game, Stealthkilla and KingB00, and the fun we have playing together has way more power over the fact that BF4 is broken. "Then why are you still upset about it?" you may ask. Because even though you are having fun you are still running into all these errors every few minutes while playing. The absolute worst is when you are doing something that you know it's completely safe, and then you suddenly die, and there's no way to explain why. It wouldn't be a problem if it happened once in a while, but I get cardiac arrhythmia when it happens for the 4th time in the same round, you can pick any of the list below.

As mentioned before, I enjoy it as long as I'm playing with my fellow WTTLers (Walk to the Lighters? hehe that's a problem for Stealthkilla). As soon as you try to play alone you really start noticing what's wrong with this game, and how little joy you get by playing it. This happened to me yesterday and went on a rant over steam chat so I thought, I should make a post about it to clarify my reasons for the rage I sometimes feel about this game.

Sometimes I am a huge pain in the ass on TeamSpeak, and I fucking hate it because my mates are neither guilty of anything nor deserve to hear me whining. Here's a list of why sometimes I just can't control myself.

List of the most frustrating things in Battlefield 4
(In no particular order)

  • NETCODE! Of course it begins with the netcode and everything it involves! Because why care about a good netcode? This is only a first person shooter, what it needs is good graphics... and levolution... and waves. But don't worry, if you just hit a helicopter with a tank shell and it doesn't explode, you just can enjoy the pretty smoke around it right? Right... Just looking back a few months, Battlefield 4 had a Tickrate of 10Hz on the servers, which means there are 10 information exchanges between client and server each second. After the CTE patch it got increased to 30Hz, but you think 30 times a second I enough? This is a graphical representation of what the server knows about your position with a 30Hz Tickrate:
Network test in Unreal Tournament
  • Do you see all that space between the ghost models? Yeah, those are hit markers you ain't getting, even though the enemy player moves smoothly on your screen. Now let's do a little bit of math. Lets assume that in this case, an enemy appears in front of you, you are 100% accurate and you have the CZ-3A1 equipped, fastest gun in the game with a 1000 RPM rate of fire. In one second you would have fired 16 bullets, and you need 5 hits to the chest in CQ for a kill (24dmg max), that means you should get the kill in about 0.33 seconds, reaction time not included. And because of the rate of fire you should win in such a scenario nearly every time. But is it correct? Well fuck no, because on his screen he already killed me, won the round, walked the dog, took a shower and made fucking dinner. When something like this happens, like in a doorway, both coming from opposite sides, it is mostly a fraction of a second for both parties to react. The problem is he was already shooting at you before you even saw him. I recorded such scenes and played them back in slow motion and I get the first hit before even seeing half of his body, how the fuck do you react to that? You could write a book about the problems with the hit registration, but this is what bugs me the most.

  • Hit feedback. Before the CTE Patch we had the problem that very often you got one hit killed by a gun that can't possibly kill you with one bullet. This got somehow fixed by increasing the Tickrate to 30Hz, but it's still present. How? Easy. Sometimes you get hit by a bullet but you neither shake nor get the audible hit feedback, making you believe that you are still at 100HP, even though the counter is going down. And suddenly, dead. I've even had moments when I die and once dead I got the feedback of all the bullets that hit me. And by the way, theres a bug that, even if you got hit, the UI still says you have 100% HP (Source). How can that even be in a shooter!!??

  • Snipers and suppression. This is by far not as frustrating as the others, but I had to have it on this list. As long as a sniper has the perk on that makes him less vulnerable to suppression, he doesn't get suppressed at all. You can be giving cover fire over a sniper about 100m away with an M240, EVEN GETTING HITMARKERS ON HIM, and he is still able to land a clean head shot on you. I can accept that the perk reduces suppression, but if you get hit by a 7.62mm bullet your scope should sway like a Russian on new years eve.

  • Ground vehicle physics. I don't think I have to explain this one, just try to stand still with a 65 ton tank on a slightly uneven surface, I dare you. If you make it, difficulty level 2 is to try and roadkill somebody with the snow mobile.

  • All the "no skill" weapons. Stinger, Igla, Active radar missiles, Claymore, AA Mine, UCAV and to round it up, the fucking Mortar, beloved by all the retarded basecampers. I wont add the Anti_air vehicle to this list because A) You have to position yourself correctly and aim (which takes some level of skill) and B) It is not overpowered on every map, like for example Caspian Border or Altai Range. I still think it should be removed from Zavod, you don't need an AA for a transport heli and a little bird in such a small map. Can you imagine 2 AAs on Flood Zone? Zavod 311 is smaller.

  • Stupid teammates. Another thing I could write a book about. I am not talking about my WTTL buddies, here I am referring to all those "bots" with strange nicknames that you have in your team. From team killing, base camping, heli crashing to not even knowing how to play their own class, there's everything. The three morons that stand on your dead body and don't revive you, the blind son of a goat that won't drop ammo even if you have been jumping in front of him for the last minute and shooting his face with your pistol (that now doesn't have ammo either). Then there's always that group of 2-3 teammates that run into a building all looking to the left so you decide to check and clear the right side, and suddenly a second later you get killed from behind because non of these morons cared to open their eyes. The drivers that just stand still becoming a sitting duck for the rain of RPGs flying towards you, or the gunner that doesn't shoot or only aims in the exact same direction as you do with the cannon. The heli pilot that can't fly, flies directly into the enemies base/AA or just bails because he wanted to get to the roof of some building. Nobody gives a flying fuck about anybody, so much for "... all the work we did to encourage team play in Battlefield 4" - DICE

  • Knife take downs/counter knives. Everybody knows this. Worked in the beta, and never again since. Useless. Counter knives should be removed from the game and get rolled back to how it was in Battlefield 3.

  • Nerfing things that shouldn't be nerfed. Which is the only weapon in Battlefield 4 that really needs skill and hours of practice to perfect? Yep, that's the SRAW. There's nothing more rewarding than shooting a heli out of the sky, because you know its difficult, but you made it. It took us 1.5 years to get used to the projectile velocity and the turn speed of the rocket, and we are finally effective with it. And DICE goes "oh, people are getting more and more kills with the SRAW, it must be OP, lets nerf it". GOD DAMN IT! Yes please, while you are at it make it a cluster heat seeking rocket with insta-hit so every brain amputated aborted foetus can get a kill with it. Because fuck skill, because fuck the whole Battlefield community. This game needs to be enjoyable for every kid in the world, and skill weapons are incompatible with that idea. That's just a massive dump in our faces. The last skill weapon in this game is going to die after the next patch is released. RIP SRAW.
Tell me again how this can be OP
*Takes a deep breath* Huh that was intense, sorry for all the swearing, I use to get pretty upset when I got such a huge dick up my butt. So yeah, that's about it. There are way to many things in this game that shouldn't be, yet DICE prefers to address other problems instead of fixing the core mechanics of the game. As mentioned before, I can't say that DICE is ignoring us, they are making a huge effort to fix things, listening to the community and letting us test their changes on an environment like CTE that no other game in history has had. Yet again, it doesn't matter how good you can mold and sculpt a pile of shit, it stays a massive pile of shit, and as an avid Battlefield fan, this makes me terribly sad.




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