Rocket League Montage

The day has come, i finally finished it!

Hello y'all. For the last weeks i have tirelessly been working on a cute little montage of Rocket League. Since you guys know, I'm an amateur making this kind of videos, but I'm always having fun working on these projects. Craft and idea, gather footage, think how this and that should work and over think every decision a lot, correct that decision, give up, start again. It's an endless cycle, specially if you are somehow of a perfectionist. However, i tried my best, and after working hours and hours, i just uploaded the result to You Tube. Enjoy.

This is the first time i ever do the kind of effects i used in the introduction, and, to tell you the truth, I've probably spent +10h only with the first 60 seconds of this clip.

Thanks to King Boo, Marsu and Stealthkilla for the good times and see you later online.



EDIT: Holy cow, i never expected such great feedback for my video. It just reached a 1000 views on You Tube and not even 24h have passed by. Another Rocket League channel even asked me to be their editor :D I posted the video on the Rocket League subreddit and made it to its front page, this is what i got:

I am so fucking happy today, thank you everybody!


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