Rocket League Cinema



BY DHR_000x

This. This is probably the biggest thing that ever happened to me in my Internet days. My Rocket League video got featured on Rocket League Cinema, for the whole community to see :D

I feel super happy about this, you guys can't imagine. As you know I like to make a video when something new comes to my mind or we just had mad fun playing, so in my spare time I like to sit in front of my Sony Vegas and wiggle some key frames around. Once the video is done i upload it to YouTube and share it with my friends. This time i decided to post it on Reddit where, for my standards, it exploded.

From being used to the few compliments for a good video from my friends, i suddenly got tons of comments praising it and in about 20h the video reached 1000 views. 1000! Thats ten times more than what i got on other videos since I first uploaded them. Then suddenly this guy Cristian PMs me on Reddit; "Hey I would like to post your Montage on Rocket League Cinema". And i was like whaaaaaaaaaat, I'm subscribed to that channel since i got the game! *drops man ovaries*

So yeah, there it is, on a channel with 40k subscribers and it got 3k views in about 4 hours. By now over 10.000 people have watched my work, this is amazing.

People are watching shit I made! Our clan is featured on the biggest Rocket League channel on YouTube man! What the fuck :D I'm gonna celebrate with a god damn home made pizza thats for sure, and I'm hungry anyways so...




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