In Flames in Zürich


So i just got wind about In Flames coming to Switzerland on the 3rd of October this year. Took a picture of the add in the papers, sent it to Stealth and Boo, no reaction at all. So fuck it, first row for me and rocking the shit out of the concert, because i got a ticket woohooo!!

In Flames are in the top of my list, next to KoRn and Skindred

Taking place in the Komplex 457 in Zürich, the will showcase their new album "Siren Charms" which doesn't come out until 3 weeks before the concert. I cant wait to hear in which direction their path takes after 25 years active.

This motherfucker called Anders Friden has one of the most iconic voices in metal music
Nothing much to add, i leave you here with one of my favourite songs from the album "Come Clarity" from 2006 which stayed on top of the charts in Sweden for no more that 13 weeks.


Why 240p you ask? Because it must be contained you fools! \o/


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