Battlefield Hardline

There goes another "What to do while downloading" post.

Meep meep! Im downloading Battlefield Hardline Beta right now in order to give it a kicking in a few minutes from now.

Cops and Robbers in Battlefield? Skeptic aproach activated

I am kind of overwhelmed with all this BFH stuff that is comming out. I mean, not more than 15 days ago it got leaked because somebody found BFH related files in the Battlelog installation. Not even half a day after the leak, EA and DICE confirmed the existence of a new Battlefield game and a few hours later there was a teaser trailer already online... say what?

The official statement from EA was that they "had it all ready for E3 but we screwed it up". Yeah, you just left candy on the park bench by accident, and stalked the kids grabing it while sitting in your dirty van by accident. And now you are calling them to your van for more candy.... by accident...

WELL IT FUCKING WORKED OKAY? I wouldnt be downloading it otherwise, wouldn't i?

I've seen some live streaming of LevelCap with Matimio and XFactorGaming but nothing else so, lets hop into it and see what it is made of. I'll try to deliver a solid review to this.




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