I remember those times [World of Warcraft]

This is what you find while you google yourself during work hours.
I stumbled upon my old XFire account and went on a nostalgia trip. You know i love making screenshots of the games i play, its like making a foto album of your holidays or something. I took a look at the four pictures on my XFire profile and suddenly...
Not an actual depiction of me. I drink Redbull, not Rockstar.
I... i remember this, i remember playing it years ago when i had time and a pronounced lack of social needs. That was the time i played World of Warcraft. Thanks to Mitiyo i jumped onto the band wagon and made my first (of a later total of 5) little gnome. That was around summer 2007 and i played it hardcore between 2008 and 2010. My main characters were Khazu, a draenei healer paladin, and Equilibrium, a gnome tank.
As i said before i love making screenshots but well, i may have tons of pictures of my times playing WoW, but i somehow managed to lose all pictures related to my raiding time. That made it even cooler to see my two main characters in two of those pictures.
The first one shows my little tank Equilibrium in a fight against Hadronox, a huge spider in Azjol-Nerub. Anub'arak, the ruler over an army of undead nerubians who, like their leader, have pledged themselves to serving the Lich King, is trying to get Hadronox to join his army of undead.
This picture shows the scale of that fucker
The first 4-5min in combat you have to fight waves and waves of those nerubians, mainly attacking you with range attacks, which made it pretty difficult to tank all of them. After a while Hadronox appears, kills the remaining nerubians ands decides to attack your group.
The following picture shows me tanking a little group of mobs before engaging Hadronox in the background. Fun Fact: The box in the lower right corner is a DPS-meter and yes, i am on first place as a tank. I just loved my little badass gnome :D

Five mobs kicking my little gnome "that ain nothing but a scratch"
The second one is with my holy paladin aka "howthefuckdoyouhealthatmuch?" Khazu. He was such a pimp, he was able to cast healing spells so fast that you couldn't even see the casting animation (i'm not kidding), just hundred of sparks jumping out of his hands. Then he had spells that healed much more but took longer to cast, but damn he sometimes landed crits that filled the HP bar of a tank twice. I just loved that blue squid faced motherfucker.
Here we were at Ice Crown Citadel aka ICC25 after dropping the first raidboss. The pannel on the right side of the HUD is the Heal Bot addon. I lets you have an overview of all raid members and their health bars. The 3 marked people are the tanks, on which i had to concentrate since i didn't have any area healings for the whole group. I can proudly say that, as long as i didn't, the tank never died under my supervision.
The HPS-meter (now for heal) in the lower right corner shows it again, PALADIN POWER!
I had tons of fun playing the "Wrath of the Lich King" addon, mostly with Mitiyo, Marsu and our Guild. Then "Cataclysm" came out and they fucked my paladin completely over. They deleted skills, reduced casting haste to a minimum and making him an AOE healer. Why the fuck would you want to do that? All other healers do that already, the paladin was the tank healer...

They destroyed the one thing i had most fun with in the game, my little Khazu. I tried playing through Cataclysm with him and it sucked. Leveled up Equilibrium and had some moderate fun with him in 5 people instances but soon noticed i haven't got the time to get all that sweet raid equipment and the game got frustrating. That was 3-4 years ago.

People ask me if i would ever start again with WoW. Clear answer is NO! Why you may ask?

1. It requires an abyssmal amount of time to get that high end gear.
2. I wouldn't want to play it alone, and i know my early WoW friends wouldn't come back.
3. I dont feel that joy by playing tank or healer anymore, and DPS is plain boring.
4. And again its extremely time consuming, even for a fast instance you spend 3h+ playing.

I prefer to keep the good memories of all the fun i had with this game, all those memorable moments that no other game has given me so far (DayZ may be the only one). This is all for today, i leave you here with a little video of how we used to prepare ourselfs to fight a raid boss!


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