LaserTag inside a freaking mountain!

What's up bitches!

Sunday the 11th May was the day we blew them away.

We were finally there. After a month of waiting the day came for some nice 3 hours of indoor-outdoor laser tag action. We were told this was a world premiere, nobody did ever do something like this before.

 Last sunday we were in Sargans, at the Gonzen iron mine. As seen in the next picture, the tunnel extends over 100km through the mountain, from 300m above sea level to over 1700 m.a.s.l.

This model displays the whole tunnel net of the Gonzen iron mine. The entrance is all over to the right.
We took one of the original miner trains to reach the gaming area that is located over 2km inside the mountain. We got a hand drawn map of the area and went on a 20min tour through the tunnels.

Drawing of the gaming area. We didnt use the tunnels on the right side since they were deadends, and also lacked oxygen...
I personally expected dark and very cold corridors, good thing i was wrong. As the following pictures show, we had very good lightning conditions and it was only about 12°C. I was sweating buckets full with my hoodie on.

Tunnel to the south-west. Also spawnpoint for one of the teams.

Tunnel to the north-east. Spawnpoint of the second team.

This "elevator shaft" connects our floor with the next one. We stayed on our floor though.
We split into two teams of ten people, yellow against red. Stealthkilla, KingB00 and myself were together in the yellow team. As seen below, discussing some tactics and group hugging are very important as self preparation for the TDM warmup round.

"So what's the plan?" ... "just dont get lost in here, please..."

Cover was scarce, but it made tactical movement much more interesting and fun.
Once or twice we had some difficulties holding the line, since the other team had a lot of experienced players. But we aint dumb, so we got creative...yes, we camped the corners.

Here we can observe a magestic wild Stealthkilla in his natural habitat.

Full body cover is very important, nearly as important as reloading. KingB00 shows how it's done.
It was mostly pure carnage around those damn corners. Sometimes you could hear the other team around the corner saying "okay guys, we jump out in 3...2...1...". It was so satisfactory being on the giving end after hearing that :D

Pretty much how this one corner looked like all the time
Somebody always had to cover the long tube of the "Train Station". We had specially trained "Runners" in our team.
"Tunnel is clear! GO GO GO!!"
Obligatory smoke brake for a bit of fresh air
After a round of TDM and one of "let's see who finds the most gold bars in one round" we had our mandatory round of CTF. The flag is symbolised by a big glow stick, as seen in the picture below.

The other team had to get our flag all the way through this passage. They made it but...
I personally managed to break them down significantly whilst they were trying to push down to the flag, by getting like 7 kills in a row. We got shot down, they took our flag and ran back. Funny thing is they didn't seem interested in the flag, they went for the kills. They were so excited by killing us that they completely forgot to take it. They were laughing at us for solid 10 seconds before the referee says "maybe you want to take the flag?". They looked at each other, realised they nearly fuck up, one took the glow stick and they all ran back like goats on fire.

I immediately tried to flank them through the mechanic room and suddenly there was KingB00 right next to me, with their flag in his hand and shouting "COVER ME!!" *waves glow stick furiously*. The other team called Base even though they didn't have their own flag. That made us win through disqualification of the red team, and mostly thanks to KingB00 and the people who covered him.

What i didn't tell him was, that i was already dead and wasn't able to return fire. I just stuck to his back in order to block the enemy shots from him, i am a good guy after all. ;)

Poser... :D
All lin all this was the best experience we all had in LaserTag and we already know its gonna happen again the 6th of July this year. Even a week after the event i'm still pumped about it. I mean, about a year ago i was dreaming about those massive outdoor battles they do in the USA for example, and my only thought was that I'll never see something like that in Switzerland. Well... I'm happy now :D

And of course a little group picture for the books. I do look handsome don't I? I'm the one with the gun
All this was only possible thanks to the guys from Lasergame Zone. Every game they come up with new gameplay ideas, bring more and better hardware to the field and always achieve to make every event unique. They are very moivated in what probably began as a hobby but now keeps growing and getting better. I think i'll stay here for a while :)
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