Evolving Rocket [Rocket League]

Houston, we are ready for lift-off!

The sun is shining, the lake is mildly warm and I feel like boiling inside every time I step into my office at 30°C because we have no air conditioning. Yes, it's summer, and this years is specially beautiful for me. That's the main reason why I spend so little time inside and in front of the PC, compared to my usual gaming habits, and thus I have absolutely no idea what to write about in this months article. I have been playing some PU Battlegrounds but there's not much to say there, it's super fun to play and watch, that's it. Rocket League on the other hand is still stimulating me since I switched over to controller, and I'm actually right about to hit Rocketeer.

As mentioned, I have neither time nor ideas for this months post, so I thought I would use my blogger joker card. This goes back all the way to my first ever post on my site where I say that I would post some of the thousands of screenshots I take every year, creating a diary of gaming awesomeness, so there it goes. To commemorate the second anniversary since the release of Rocket League this post will obviously be about it, my favourite game ever.

Through my Rocket League career I've used many cars: outsiders like the X-Devil at the beginning, before it got remodelled, the Venom because of it's huge rear wheels, the Octane because of it's cool looking spoiler, the Dominus because it had cool decals and even the Aftershock, because I bought the collectors edition that gave us a month early access to the two new vehicles and everybody was asking me form where I got it, I enjoyed that time immensely. That said, here are, in chronological order from oldest to latest, all the car designs I've been using throughout the last two years of playing.

I really like to play with the Mantis at the moment, not only does it look amazing, it has something else that I can't accurately describe. You probably know when you don't feel a car, right? I feel the Mantis really hard, let's see for how long it stays that way, I hope long enough because I'm thinking of getting the Titanium White variant as well. Talking about painted cars, I hope some day we will be able to choose different colour variants of the same car for each team, it's something I still cant understand why it isn't in the game. Oh and by the way, the counter for the Halo topper is sitting at 8700 goals :D.

All right, I hope you enjoyed this little gallery of some random cars for you but very special cars for me, and I hope I can deliver more and better content next month but don't take my word for it, it's still going to be a long summer for me! And my bald head ain't gonna tan itself!




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