The End

At the end of the experiment, you will be baked, and then there will be cake. I feel equally sad for leaving and proud for the things created. It has been quite the long run but it's time to end it. I've entertained, helped and informed people through monthly contributions to the gaming community, and also helped myself to understand games and gamers while teaching myself some English along the way. This has been my greatest project ever and it was a blast. It all began mid February of 2014. I thought about creating my own website many times but never really went through with it, until I found out about how easy it actually was when checking out Google's Blogger. The enthusiasm was quite palpable as I was writing my first entry on this blog : Diary of gaming awesomeness? Holy shit I have so much time to waste on this!! LETS DO THIS! At first I didn't really have structure or fixed idea about what I wanted to write, so for the first few months I just posted

Evolving Rocket [Rocket League]

Houston, we are ready for lift-off! The sun is shining, the lake is mildly warm and I feel like boiling inside every time I step into my office at 30°C because we have no air conditioning. Yes, it's summer, and this years is specially beautiful for me. That's the main reason why I spend so little time inside and in front of the PC, compared to my usual gaming habits, and thus I have absolutely no idea what to write about in this months article. I have been playing some PU Battlegrounds but there's not much to say there, it's super fun to play and watch, that's it. Rocket League on the other hand is still stimulating me since I switched over to controller, and I'm actually right about to hit Rocketeer. As mentioned, I have neither time nor ideas for this months post, so I thought I would use my blogger joker card. This goes back all the way to my first ever post on my site where I say that I would post some of the thousands of screenshots I take every year

Transition to Controller [Rocket League]

Switch to controller already! Okay so, I'm finally doing it. I've been playing Rocket League since its release back in summer 2015 and I've been using my keyboard and mouse for input ever since. I was Gold in Season 1, Shooting Star in S2 and All-Star in S3, but my progress in this last season really took a halt. I began to notice the limitations of the hardware I was using and after a long time thinking about it, I decided to dust off my XBONE controller, reset my muscle memory and start again from the bottom of the leaderboards. I want to share what I've learnt and, if someone wanting to transition over to controller is reading this, show you what you'll probably have to go through.

Dungeon Defenders

...and why I got VAC banned. Hi. My name is DHR_000x and I'm a cheater... supposedly. 1825 days ago, or exactly 5 years, I got my account branded for committing an infringement against the Valve Anti-Cheat policies. During the last half decade many people have come to me asking why I cheat, or flat out refused to play and trade with me because of this. Here I want to show how surreal the ban was and come clean of any future accusations and because it's another cool story about a brain-dead developer.

Middle Earth - Shadow of War

Why?! The US retailer Target can't seem to keep it together. A few days back they managed, again, to leak information about a game which wasn't supposed to become public until March 8th. Many were speculating that next week, Warner Bros and Monolith would reveal the new Batman: Arkham title, but thanks to Target we now know we were wrong. Middle Earth - Shadow of War is the sequel of 2014s Shadow of Mordor, taking place in the time period between LotR and The Hobbit, it will expand on its predecessors formula and will see the light of day in August of this year. But it comes with some ugly surprises...

Do your Backup!

Dude, where's my data? Throughout my years working in IT, from my time as a student, through all the years in technical support and all the way to IT Manager, I have seen how people have complete disregard for the safety of their data. They store all their treasured digital files on a single device, it being a laptop or their smartphones and don't invest a single second to think about what would happen to all their holiday pictures if the phone happened to be stolen or simply stops working. This is why I would like to make a little guide on how to backup your data the simplest and cheapest way possible and give you some background on this matter.


Huhu! Lets talk about hypocrites today, yes, about Stealthkilla. The guy that tries to exhibit slyness with his nickname yet is always the first one to pull the trigger and storming in guns blazing. The guy that would open the gates for the enemy only to have more than one simultaneous target. The guy that, if he could, would carry a machine-gun in each hand, plus one on the back for backup. The guy that leaves a trail of explosives wherever he goes, like in Hansel & Gretel, only because it would be funny if an old lady would step on them. The guy that has clearly more Killa in him than Stealth, that's the guy today's post is dedicated to. Cheers mate.